Foolproof Ways to Wear a Crop Top

The crop top is one of summer’s hottest trends and it has been for the past year as well. In fact, I think there’s a pretty good chance that the crop top is going to become one of summer’s newest staples for the fierce fashionistas out there. Crop tops come in all shapes, colors and styles and with all these options to choose from, picking one can sometimes be intimidating. Aside from that, wearing one can also be overwhelming just because not everyone is confident about baring the midriffs for the public to see. If it’s your first time wearing this piece, check out these foolproof ways to wear a crop top to get you started.

  • Crop top and high waisted jeans – don’t feel totally confident about showing off your midsection in a crop top? Don’t worry, you can still rock a crop top without baring too much skin. To show as little skin as possible. wear a pair of high waisted pants instead of the regular midrise jeans. This outfit idea is also great if you want to add a bit of a retro touch to your look.

light wash high waisted jeans

high waisted jeans

  • Crop top underneath a blazer – another brilliant way to start wearing crop tops if you aren’t confident with showing too much skin is to wear it underneath a cute blazer. This combination makes a great polished street style look. If you have a longer crop top that barely shows some skin, doing this outfit combo will allow you to take this fierce outfit to the workplace.

blazer jeans and crop top white and blue outfit

  • Crop top and skater skirt – for a fun, flirty yet still foolproof way to wear a crop top, just pair it up with a skater skirt and you’re good to go. For a fiercer take on the look, finish it up with heels. If you want to get a more laidback and casual look, you can wear flats or sandals with this combo or, if you want to take the street style route, just pair it up with some sneakers.

hipster style crop top outfit hipster style crop top outfit

  • Crop top and boyfriend jeans – think crop tops are too sexy? Add a bit of street style edge to it by wearing it with boyfriend jeans to balance out  the look. This outfit combo is the perfect compromise between a sweet, sexy and kickass look.

street style bf jeans

boyfriend jeans and crop top


  • Crop top and shorts – for the ultimate summer street style look, pair up your crop top with some denim shorts and flip flops and you’re ready to hit the streets (or the beach)! This is such an easy look to pull off but others might think it’s a little too sexy but it’s really not and it’s the perfect look for summer.

matching crop top and shorts floral crop top and denim shorts

  • Crop top and pencil skirt – for a more modest but still subtly sexy look using your crop top, choose to wear it with a figure hugging pencil skirt. This outfit combination if especially perfect for women with an hourglass figure but it works pretty awesome on just about any body type as well. It’s easy to pull off and it looks effortlessly chic and sophisticated.

mismatched summer stripes simple and classy

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