Foolproof Ways to Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans: you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. I personally think they’re nice and comfy and that they’re great for everyday street style looks but I also know many who swear they’d never come near a pair just because they look sloppy and unpleasant in general. Depending on how you see it and how you plan on wearing it, a pair of boyfriend jeans could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Here are some foolproof ways to style your boyfriend jeans and make them work for you.

  • TRENDY WITH OTHER DENIM PIECES – the denim on denim trend is still on and it is a great way to put your boyfriend jeans to good use. Pair up your boyfriend jeans with a chambray top for a relaxed casual look that you can wear anytime or with a white shirt topped off with a denim jacket for a classic summer favorite.

denim on denim

denim on denim outfit

  • CUFFED – another way to style your boyfriend jeans is to cuff them. This is perfect for those who want the full street style experience. If you’re looking for a way to add just the slightest bit of a retro vibe to your look, cuffing up your boyfriend jeans, or any jeans for that matter, is the way to go. Doing this styling trick also gives your outfit a more rugged, undone look.

cuffed jeans and ankle booties cuffed jeans street style outfit

  • POLISHED WITH HEELS – on the other hand, if you’re more of a posh and polished kind of girl and you want to dress up your ‘very casual’ pair of boyfriend jeans, what you can do is to wear it with heels and add some structured pieces to your look. This will give your outfit that nice, sophisticated and polished edge that you won’t be able to achieve with just boyfriend jeans alone. While you’re at it, why not try adding a touch of luxury to your ensemble as well? A silk blouse, a pearl necklace, maybe nice Italian leather heels – these are just some of the subtle details you can add to your outfit to get that ritzy vibe.

bf jeans and heels bf jeans and nude pumps

  • WHITE – think the regular boyfriend jeans is too mainstream? Instead of opting for blue jeans, go for white instead. White boyfriend jeans have a dressier look to them but not so much that it takes away the street style factor of the piece.

white boyfriend jeans and lace top white jeans neutral outfit palette

  • CLASSIC WITH THE CLOSET STAPLES – and if you think that boyfriend jeans are just great for creating trendy looks, think again! You can most definitely go back to the basics with these and create a classic look by pairing them up with your everyday closet staples like a plain shirt, pumps, some stripes and maybe a blazer or a cardigan if you want some layers as well.

classic casual outfit classic outfit


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