Flirty Outfit Ideas for a First Date

Going out on a first date? Making a good first impression is important and to help you achieve that, you’ll have to be really careful with what you wear. You’ll want something chic and a little flirty, of course, but you wouldn’t want to come off as easy or racy. If you still haven’t figured out what to wear, check out these flirty outfit ideas you can wear to that first date.

  • Lace dress and heels – you just can’t go wrong with a lace dress for a date. A lace shift dress is what I would usually recommend since it’s very versatile and can be dressed up with fancy accessories for romantic dinner dates and it can also be dressed down with a nice denim jacket and a pair of flats. If you want something more flirty and feminine, though, a lacey A-line dress is something you can also go for.

charming flirty lace dress

fresh white lace dress lace and pleats outfit

  • Little Red Dress – tired of sporting the Little Black Dress every time? Why not change it up and make it a little sexier, flirtier and a bit more fierce by switching to the Little Red Dress instead? It doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s Day date. You can wear your LRD to any first date, especially on ones where you really want to catch your date’s eye.

figure flattering red dress little red dress with black and white cardigan red lace dress and metallic shoes

  • Sexy Little Jumpsuit – if you’re looking for something easy to pull off yet would still give you that nice chic, sophisticated and slightly flirty look, try going for a sexy little jumpsuit. It’s guaranteed to make your date’s eyes locked on you and the best part is that you don’t even have to worry about mixing and matching separates since this one whole piece does the job for you. Now all you have to decide on is what to accessorize your jumpsuit with.

elegant green jumpsuit sexy strapless jumpsuit white summer jumpsuit

  • Off the shoulder dress – an off the shoulder dress is another nice way to look cute and flirty for a first date. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and sexy as it lets you show just the right amount of skin without making you look trashy or racy but rather dainty and feminine. If you want to achieve a more dramatic outfit, go for an off the shoulder maxi dress. If you want to keep it casual, on the other hand, you can opt for a cute mini dress which is also perfect for daytime summer dates.

casual leaf printed off the shoulder dress fit and flare peplum off the shoulder dress miranda kerr blue off the shoulder maxi boho summer off the shoulder dress

  • Cute top and full skirt – want something that will really make you look and feel flirty and feminine on your first date? How about a nice full skirt that gives you that romantic princess-y yet also sexy look? Pair it up with a cute top and you’re all set for your date! Oh, and don’t forget to wear those sexy heels with this outfit, too, alright?

bright pink full skirt flirty full skirt outfit mini full skirt outfit

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