Flávia Desgranges van der Linden: Brocade Fashion Trend

Rich, dramatic, and luxurious, brocade is one of the sensual fabrics worn by the nobility throughout the Renaissance era that has been associated recently with curtains and covers, but regained its place in fashion. Baroque referenced to the styles of 18th centuries with luxurious and elaborate details such as gold, metallics, and brocade fabrics. Fortunately, baroque designs can be seen through brocade fashion pieces such as jewelry, clothing, bags, and shoes. Would you like to nail the brocade trend without looking like a queen of another era from a few kilometers away? Let’s have a fashion inspiration to this opulent and decadent style.

Born-and-raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Flavia Desgranges van der Linden is the mind behind the Fashion Coolture blog. Her overall fashion style has been influenced by the artistic inclination of the Renaissance era in Rome, Italy and all around Europe. Her modern baroque style has the characteristics of dramatic and rich silhouettes with gold accents, brocade fabrics, woven prints of metallic silvers, and luxurious textiles.

Brocade is all about luxury, decoration, and opulence. When figuring out how to wear the trend, keep in mind that this luxurious fashion was originally worn by monarchs and elite aristocrats – so, this style is sophisticated, regal, and meant to take the stage. And, the rich gold and silver accents on brocade pieces are only pretty charming when worn in the right amounts, or else, you’ll look like a walking treasure. So, it’ll be better to let your brocade pieces shine by teaming it with simple, muted, and neutral items to give an understated amount of sophistication.

brocade dress

brocade silver dress silver dress yellow gold crop top skirt

Brocade dress in Baroque style is the most luxurious take on this trend. As we can see, Flávia is fond of wearing brocade dresses in different silver accents that instantly give her style a sophisticated touch. You may polish your look with closed pump shoes, sandals with jewel stone designs, and even a metallic one. As an alternative to dresses, you may opt for a Baroque style crop top and skirt in a matching color and wear flat sandals with gold ornaments. The tonal gold color in her outfit makes the pair very versatile and can be easily accessorized with basic accessories.

black and gold jacket gold jacket silver jacket yellow gold floral suit

Incorporating one lavish brocade piece into your outfits like a jacket or blazer is an effortless way to get you noticed. Like Flávia, she wore a metallic gold blazer and a black blazer with metallic gold designs to give her style a spark. On the other hand, to keep the things more muted, she paired her brocade jacket with silver embellishment to a graphic tee and all black outfit as the silver tone is more friendly than gold. But in case metallics are not your thing, turn into prints. Baroque prints in brocade fabric pieces or any print in gold color give off a luxurious touch to your style.

baroque shorts brocade skirt

Brocade shorts and skirts look best in leather jackets just like what Flávia proved in her style. Just finish your looks with Baroque boots, structured bag or clutch, a hat, and minimal accessories.

gold and sandals gold belt gold clutch

If you’re not ready to pull off the breathtaking brocade outfits, consider Baroque inspired accessories to wear them with simple and muted ensembles – or just match it with your brocade outfits. Spoil your feet with a regal treat in a pair of gold embellished sandals in an all black outfit like Flávia did. Any accessories with a touch of gold like gold belts, gold sunglasses, a gold clutch, and gold headpiece are a great way to start nailing the trend.

black and white blazer blue and white dress

If you want a more subtle style of nailing this trend, then look for blazers, dresses, accessories, and skirts with Baroque prints in non-metallic color such as blue, black, white, green and such. This way you can still partake in the luxurious trend without taking the center stage.

If you’ve mixed any piece of brocade piece into your existing wardrobe, it’s like you have turned into a queen from the Renaissance era. So, take this regal trend and sense that feeling of power in your style.


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