Flaunt Your Curves with Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses become one of the most popular trends in the fashion industry. This type of dress always aims to show off your best assets by molding and shaping your figure and is great for dinner dates, parties, events, and anytime you want to stand out from the crowd. Though bodycon dresses are great fashion pieces to flaunt your curves, they may also create a major fashion faux pas if not worn properly. So, keep scrolling to learn the tricks of wearing bodycon dresses while highlighting your assets.

A bodycon dress is essentially a figure hugging and a skintight dress style that emphasizes the contours of the body. For where the term “bodycon” derived from the shortened form of “body conscious”. The skintight structure of the style is basically made up of separate strips of stretchy fabric sewn together to create a dress to smoothen your shape and to look incredibly sexy. These form hugging dress styles tend to be short in length, usually falling to about knee level though you do occasionally see longer styles and usually made from lycra and spandex.

black bodycon dress

blue bodycon dress deep green bodycon dress silver bodycon

If you are still hesitant to flaunt your curves, go plain and classic. You may pick dark colors to slim down your figure. It is well-known that black is a slimming color that will add a flattering outline to your knock-out ensemble. But remember, bodycon dresses in unique color tones are instantly more interesting. So if you’re confident enough for your shape to show off, look for color in light or pastel shades for a more feminine look and vivid shades for a bolder look.

blue and black paneled dress white and black paneled dress

For a more slimming look, play strategically with color panels. As a general rule, remember that darker colors decrease and lighter colors increase. If you’re carrying more weight in your midsection, make sure the zone features the slimming dark panels. On the other hand, if you want an illusion of a larger bust line, make sure the light colored panels fall along the chest to do the trick. Now that you know the color panels’ trick, you have the skill to diminish or highlight any zone of your body as you wish to.

pink embellished bodycon

Some bodycon dresses come in light and pastel shades with embellishments. Be careful wearing these if you get a fuller figure as it may look your shape heavier than actually it is. Ruffles, layered fabrics, embellished beads, and sequins add more volume to your weight. On the contrary, these designs are perfect for shapeless and slim women that add volume to their light body frame.

abstract prints busy print dress colored stripes squares prints stripes black and white stripes dress

Patterns and prints are a huge trend even in bodycon dresses. Just be cautious in wearing prints and be sure to highlight your best assets and hide your flaws in wearing printed bodycon dresses. Horizontal stripes are quite widening as well as dots depending on their scale. You may opt for sharper edges of geometric patterns for a sleeker and slender look.

blue bodycon dress cut out designes in dress pink body con purple dress squared dress

To spice up some sexiness to your style, opt for bodycon cutouts dresses. Have a look at where the cutouts are placed and what parts of skin you may end up flashing. If you’ve got a sexy stomach, cutouts along the side seams can add a bit of sexiness. But if you’re not that comfortable flashing your skin, you may opt for a nude colored panel on sides for a tricky bare skin look even it’s actually covered. These dresses are also generally low cut to show cleavage, which is why bustier women will look sexier than those with a little chest. There are also many designs with cutouts along the dress which is perfect for adding a bit of sophistication.

Play strategically with little details to make you stand out from the crowd. Be a sexier new you in flaunting your curves with bodycon dresses!


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