Flattering Ways to Wear Cropped Pants

Cropped pants have been becoming very popular lately, thanks to all the fashionistas and celebrities who are putting them in the spotlight as part of their chic and fabulous outfits, especially off duty ones. However, many women are still afraid to give these babies a go because they’re afraid it might not look as good on them as it does on these style icons. The truth is that while cropped pants can be tricky to style and wear, anyone can actually pull it off as long as it is worn right. Here are some flattering ways to wear cropped pants.

  • FIND THE RIGHT LENGTH – finding the perfect cropped pants length for your legs is one of the most important thing you can do to ensure that your pair will look good on you. Ideally, the right length means having your cropped pants stop where your calf begins to taper but wearing it just right above the ankle is really popular, too. Try out several pairs in several lengths to see which one works best for you.gwyneth paltrow cropped pants and heels
    all black outfit with cropped pants
  • WEAR IT SKINNY – the most universally flattering way to wear cropped pants is to wear it skinny. This is because skinny cropped pants are best for creating the illusion of a longer line, thus making you look taller and your legs longer and more slender. Avoid any unnecessary embellishments and avoid cuffs or bulky pockets for maximum elongating effect. If skinny is not an option, go for the next best thing: straight cut.gray on gray outfit work outfit with cropped pants
  • OPT FOR LIGHT SHOES – by light, I mean two things: one is shoes that are literally lightweight and the other being shoes that are light on the eyes. This means no sneakers, no platforms, no boots and definitely no high cut footwear, including gladiator shoes.everyday simple look tshirt and cropped pants taylor swift signature look
  • AVOID OVERSIZED AND CHUNKY TOPS – as much as possible, avoid wearing oversized or chunky tops with cropped pants. You’ll want to keep a clean, straight and simple silhouette to make sure you don’t end up looking too short, stumpy or frumpy. Layering is okay as long as you keep the number of layers in your outfit down to a minimum.cropped pants crop top skinny cut cropped pants
  • BE CONFIDENT – you can pull off anything you wear, even if it’s not something you would usually put on, as long as you are confident. Confidence makes any outfit look better. Try it out, at least for a day, to see how you would feel about it. If you think it makes you look great, do it again! Otherwise, you either re-style or try another piece.

cropped pants and crop top matching set simple outfit with cropped pants

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