Flattering Fashion Statements 

Fashion is about breaking out of the box. But sometimes, it’s about finding an outfit that flatters your size, shape, and color. Look your best – even if you are not a size 2 – with these flattering fashion statements.

Bright is Alright

Neutral colors such as black and navy blue are stylish and classic choices. But if you want to look more than flattering, then opt for color! A splash of hue every so often can make you look more lively and approachable (even if you’re really not a people-person.)

When it comes to choosing colorful fashion statements, remember to select a shade that complements your skin tone. Here is a rundown of some of the hues that will jive with your skin color:

Light-Skinned: Camel, Emerald, Baby Blue

yellow dress and blue coat

Medium-Skinned: Metallics, Neon, Gray

neon yellow outfit

Dark-Skinned: Red, Light Yellow, Cobalt Blue

nicki minaj cobalt blue outfit

Go Pattern-Crazy

If you are a fan of traditional power dressing, then you probably don’t add prints to your daily wardrobe. However, if you are looking for spot-on fashion statements, then go crazy with patterns. Wild leopard prints, psychedelic polka-dots, pinstripes, and florals are just some of the prints that can complement your frame.

dotted skirt leopard dress floral dress

Try Texture

Your favorite A-line dress and pencil skirt are great fashion statements, but they can be boring in the long run. For a look that will flatter and glamorize you, opt for outfits with varied textures and consistencies. A velvet dress, suede pants or embroidered skirt can inject some personality into your day-to-day outfits.kate hudson textured outfit textured red dress

Play Hide and Seek

For many, flattering fashion statements are all about revealing your assets and hiding the bad ones. But if you are one who’s not that confident about baring them all, you don’t have to worry. You can still flaunt your God-given graces in a subtle way. For example, if you have sexy shoulders, you can wear an off-shoulder dress instead of a strapless dress. When it comes to fashion statements, the most important thing is that you are comfortable. Style and panache can follow suit.

off shoulder top sheer skirt

Go Easy on the Heels

Yes, sky-high heels can make you look slimmer and taller. However, they can limit your movements. Instead of dancing the night away, heels can limit your travails to just the table and the comfort room. When it comes to fashion statements, your comfort should be your top consideration. Chunky heels and wedges are just some of the height-boosting footwear that can make you look stunning – without compromising your comfort.

wedge heelsblack chunky heels

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