Five of Fall’s Biggest Trends to Start Mastering Now

I know a lot of you are probably busy trying to stretch summer as far out as you possibly can and while I myself would love for summer to never end, we all know there’s nothing we can do about it. You can keep wearing summer clothes for as long as you can (I do that, too) but don’t forget to start scouring sources for the latest up and coming trends for fall, too, so you’re not caught off guard when the temps drop. To get you started, here are some of fall’s biggest trends to start mastering now.

  • Sporty look – to all the girls out there who often find themselves reaching for something sweet and feminine, this would make a refreshing change. Wearing something sporty will give you a subtle hint of the tomboy style. If you want your outfit to still lean more towards the girly side, wearing an athletic piece in a nice and bright color will help heaps. A varsity jacket, for example, can still look girly when worn in a striking color like red and along with heels and a girly dress.

sporty chic fall outfit

sporty fall look sporty girly look sporty look for fall

  • Animal prints – animal prints have always been hot for fall but this year, it’s everything so make sure you’re well stocked up! Don’t shy away from animal prints. I know they can look a bit overwhelming at times but the key, really, is to keep a good balance going in your outfit. When wearing animal prints, make sure to choose the classy and grown up print styles. Pink zebra print? Leave that in your neice’s bedroom, please. Go for what looks realistic and then keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral.

animal print leopard coat animal print tiger coat outfit animal zebra print top and white pants animal print cheetah top

  • Suits – no, not the TV series but rather suit outfits – pant suits, skirt suits, even shorts suits. Thanks to Cara Delevingne and all other celebrities ditching their evening gowns and red carpet dresses for sexy suits, these are now totally happening. Choose a suit that’s not too tailored and boxy if you want to keep your look soft and feminine. If you’re going for a rather tomboyish look, on the other hand, go ahead and get the tailored suits.

suit emma watson basic black suit printed black and white suit sexy jennifer aniston suit victoria beckham gray

  • Fall fringes – fringes are usually something you’d wear to summer music festivals but this fall, they’re one of the biggest trends to come about. To make fringes look more fall-appropriate, wear them on fall essentials like boots or cardigans. You can also wear fringed accessories like earrings, a scarf0020or maybe even a purse. If you have something that’s very summery like a fringe dress, just throw on a fall staple on top like a sweater and you have yourself a nice fall outfit.

fringe skirt outfit fringe sweater kim kardashian fringed cardigan fall outfit fringey scarf accessory

  • Military chic – with so many tomboy-ish / menswear inspired trends coming up this fall, it looks like we’re going to have to push our usual sweet and girly style to the side a little bit and make way for these bolder trends. One trend you can’t pass up on trying this fall is going military chic. Anything military-inspired can be worn with your everyday casual outfits. Throw on that army green parka over today’s ensemble, sport camo print or maybe just wear those lace up military-inspired hunter boots.

army chic camo pants army green outfit by olivia palermo army green parka army inspired cargo pants and boots

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