Festival Fashion Accessories You Should Have

Coachella’s done but there are so much more festivals ahead of us this summer. Bonnaroo, for one, is coming up in just a few more weeks and then there’s Lollapalooza, SXSW, and many more. Music festivals like these are always the best source of fashion inspiration. Aside from great music from your favorite artists and bands, you get to see celebs, models, fashionistas and stylistas in their best festival outfits that you’ll want to wear even after the event is over. If you’re festival-bound this summer, check out these festival fashion accessories you should have at all times.

  • Sunglasses – sunglasses are one of the accessories you should have at all times during festivals this summer. The sun is going to beam down on you like it’s nobody’s business so save your eyes from squinting (too much of that causes premature wrinkles, you know) and put on a pair of chic sunglasses, especially if you don’t want to miss a second of your favorite artists or bands’ performances.

cool black sunnies

cute aviator sunnies

  • Scarf – a scarf is something that you can get so many uses out of during music festivals. You can use it to keep you warm at night or use it as a headband during the day. You can use it to tie your hair as well and, when you get tired, you can use it as a mat and sit on it on festival grounds.

scarf headband

  • Cross body bag – if you’re limiting the things you’re taking with you to the festival (especially if you’re flying in just for the event), choose to take a cross body bag with you. You’ll be able to wear it every day with any outfit and it will allow you to conveniently stash all your essentials inside. it will also free your hands so you can cheer your favorite bands and artists on.

fringed cross body bag cross body fringe bag

  • Flower crown – flower crowns are all the rage this summer and they’re a must have for festivals as well. Festival fashion is often boho- or hippie-inspired so a flower crown really completes any outfit and makes it stand out.

dainty flower crown crown head band

  • Hat – if you’re not a girly girl and a flower crown isn’t something you would consider accessorizing your fab festival outfit with, you can always opt for a stylish hat instead. floppy hats are hot for summer right now and so are fedoras and bowler hats. A hat will not only make your outfit look more gorgeous but it will also keep your hair protected from the sun and your head cool despite the heat.

chic floppy hat pretty straw hat

  • Flat sandals – since it’s going to be a million degrees out this summer and festivals are almost always held outdoors, it would be wise to ditch your shoes for sandals so your feet don’t get too warm or, worse, sweaty while you enjoy your favorite bands’ performances. You’ll also want your sandals flat so you can comfortably last the festival all day long compared to when you would wear heels and strain your feet.

tan birkenstocks

edgy and cool gladiator sandals


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