Feminine Ways to Wear Tuxedo Jackets and Suits

Tuxedo jackets and suits are just some of the fashion ensembles that we stole from men. Since Yves Saint Laurent’s “Le Smoking” suit was popularized in 1966, tuxedo jackets and suits are worn as women’s ensembles that look elegant by day and night. The masculine appeal of these fashion pieces embodies the essence of a modern woman that is chic, independent, and conquers the men-dominated world in a feminine way. The great thing about this is allowing us women to borrow an item from the boy’s wardrobe without making us look like a tomboy as its wide range of styles provides a sophisticated and feminine touch that gives our style a vamp.

sexy tuxedo

gray suit

When choosing for suits and tuxedo jackets, focus on fit. Not too large that you look like drowning in it or too small like you just stole it from a man. Or else, it will just “cut” your figure in half that’s very unflattering. You may go for black, dark blue or, even white as long as it’s well cut and tailored to fit your figure. Look for tuxedo jackets with modern details such as a structured collar or decorative buttons. For a daring and sexy look, always leave the last button opened or wear the tuxedo with nothing underneath to reveal your cleavage. You have the option whether going for a manly style by opting for oxford shoes or womanly style by selecting ballet flats or heels.

tuxedo and dress

For a more conservative but feminine way to wear a tuxedo or suit, wear it over a feminine dress. You may lessen the volume of a flowy dress and metallic sandals with a black tuxedo jacket. For evening events that require more formal wear, you may simply put it off and show off your prominent shoulders.

crop top tuxedo blue crop top

If you’re not a dress kind of girl but still want to keep it sexy, you may top your tuxedo or suit over a crop top to show off your midriff. Just pair the color of your pants with your tuxedo to maintain the elegant feel. You may also wear it with skinny jeans and knee-high boots and heels.

denim jeans distressed jeans stripes top floral pantsbaseball cap

For casual street looks, pair your tuxedo jacket or suit with denim jeans. To keep your classic feel, wear a classic striped bow tie blouse as your top and cuffed plain jeans and heels. Also, wearing a baseball cap or flower print pants with tuxedo jacket keeps the look informal but dressy. But for a more dressed-down looks, pair your tuxedo jacket and a button-down shirt with distressed jeans. You may also wear a festive pair of boots, to vamp up your tuxedo style from cosmopolitan to Western.

velvet tuxedo plaid pants

A velvet tuxedo jacket, button down shirt with velvet pants looks very elegant and sophisticated for an office look. If you do want to skip button-down shirts, then opt for a stylish shirt with decent cuts and fitting to suit your office attire.

leather trousers

For an edgy feel, wear your tuxedo with anything leather. Leather accessories such as bags and shoes are great options. However, leather trousers are more edgy and sexy as it highlights your womanly shape.

white button down shirt oxfords

If you’re aiming for a borrowed-from-the-boys fashion style, then wear your tuxedo with manly pieces such as a white collared button down shirt or shoes like oxfords and brogues.




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