Faux Fur Fashion Style

Sophisticated and luxurious, fur is the most ancient material in the history of fashion. But, regardless of its nobility and being a symbol of luxury and prosperity, many people think of fur as the ugliest material, considering that hundreds of animals suffer for making genuine fur pieces. This is why the fashion industry introduced faux fur for creating fashionable ensembles. Furthermore, faux fur is a lot more inexpensive and a widely-spread material used for making jackets, hats, coats, handbags, scarves, and accessories. Bear in mind that everything is dependent on styling. So, if you have a faux fur item and style it right, you are certain to look like a hundred bucks.

When selecting a faux fur, opt for something classy that will hardly go out of style. Give consideration not only to the high quality and its unique look, but also color. All those vivid and brightly colored faux fur items are likely to become old fashioned one day which you can never say about neutrals such as black, brown, white, or gray.

fur boots

fur handbag

Undoubtedly, the simplest way of wearing fur is going for fur accessories. The delicate features of fur give you a touch of nobility and extravagance. A fur handbag makes you stand out in the crowd even you’re sporting basic pieces. You may opt for fur trimmed boots that definitely look voguish. But, give consideration to your weight and figure when wearing them as if you are short, these boots will absolutely make you look shorter and heavier. Also, think of fur hats, fur collars, and fur ear muffs as elegant accessories you may add to your style.

colorful fur scarf fur scarf kristina bazan fur scarf orange fur scarf

You may add a fur scarf with your accessory that’s competent of adding luxury to your style. You have the option to contrast or complement your fur scarf to your outfit. For instance, you may wear neutral colored fur scarf to a drab outfit, brightly colored fur scarf in a bright outfit, or even a neutral scarf with an eye-catching outfit color. Just keep your makeup and hair natural to create the most alluring laid-back look.

long fur coat black  long fur coat in burgundy boots long fur white

If you are just so in love with fur, you will definitely have a fur coat. Long fur coats are more lavish when teamed with a long elegant dress and high heels, worn with jewelry pieces and a clutch. It’s a great trick when you plan to go for an evening celebration or a formal part where you’ll surely turn heads. On the other hand, they also look good with casual outfits worn every day such as jeans, knee-length boots, or even sneakers for a casual cool look.

dark brown fur coat gray fur coat pink fur coat fur jacket

On the other hand, midi and short fur coats are more versatile. You can effortlessly pair your preferred short fur coat with a pair of jeans, ankle boots, classic pumps, and nude heels without looking you’ve pulled the fur looks in the wrong way. But also, depending on the design of your short fur coat, it may also look elegant with classic pieces and party dresses, sported for exclusive occasions.

fur coat with metallic pantswhite fur coat

A fur coat by itself makes a huge statement. That’s why give an edgy style to your coat but do not overdo it. One error that people make when sporting a fur coat is making it an occasion to don everything else that is as luxurious as well, when in reality being less extravagant is the approach to go. Since fur looks easily capture the eye, keep things very simple and always sport one fur item at a time. Also, wearing fur from head to toe can make you look like a mink or a lynx. Therefore, treat fur as a piece of adornment and an embellishment to have a glamorous look.

fur dress fur skirt

Also, one of the greatest ways of wearing fur is picking out a fur dress or a fur skirt and the drop-dead gorgeous look is assured! Just wear knee-length boots for your fur dress and trench coat as you top. For fur skirt, wear a detailed sequined top, and sport a strappy sandals and you’re good to go.

So, be fearless to opt for fur pieces. Layer it, style it, and team it with the most complementing clothing pieces and you’ll conquer the streets with your astounding style.


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