Fashionable Ways to Wear Fur Vest

When the temperature begins to drop, fashionable and creative layers are seen on the streets. A functional garment for winter, fur vests also adds another touch of glamour and elegance to any kind of outfit. Keep on scrolling for some awesome outfit ideas you can put together with fur vests.

fur vest with casual chic outfit

fur vest with denim jeans fur vest with flared jeans fur vest with jeans fur vest with skinny jeans fur vest with sporty outfit

Dress up your typical casual outfit of button-down shirt, sweater, sweatshirts, knitted top, jogger pants, and denim jeans by slipping on a fur vest. Just keep in mind that this fur ensemble has three layers worth of warmth so to keep it from looking bulky, go for a not so thick kind of fur vest or wear lightweight underlayers. Put a spin to your casual outfit by wearing a pair of neutral colored sneakers partaking to the sports-inspired outfit with a fur vest.

leather trousers in statement fur coat sleeveless fur jacket with leather trousers fur vest with classic outfit fur vest with dress pants

Add some edge with your layered looks by opting for a pair of leather trousers rather than just denim jeans. The glossy finish of denim contrast with the softness of your fur vest looking perfectly balanced. If you’re not a fan of leather, opt for dress pants with stylish prints or catchy colors. If you can, you may pair the color of your fur vest with the color of your pants to keep it tasteful and color-coordinated. This way, you’ll keep your outfit fashionable even in the colder months full of layers.

boho dress with fur vest fur vest with coat and skirt fur vest with maxi skirt fur vest with white dress lace dress with fur vest fur vest with plain dress

If you think fur vest is only worn with pants, then you’re wrong. You can wear fur vest with your dress to add some touch of glamour and elegance whether you’re wearing a boho dress, chic dress, feminine dress, or even casual-chic dress. It also adds texture to your all black outfit that will keep that elegant attire from looking too solid and boring. If you’re going to attend an event that requires some ounce of haute couture touches, then resort to a fur vest whatever season it is. Actually, fur vests are easier to pull off than a fur jacket since it’s less bulky and sleeveless that allows you to wear flowy dresses with ease. Just balance the bulkiness of your outfit by keeping everything lightweight or tie a belt over it.

fur vest with leather and denim jacket fur vest with chunky sweater and jeans fur and leather jacket with studded heels

Fur vest is a great fashion staple for creating multiple layers. Since it has the sleeveless style, you may wear other outerwear with it like a leather jacket, denim blazer, cardigan, bomber jacket, bolero, puffer jacket and such while adding a dosage of fuzziness to your outfit. Also, fur vests are party-appropriate ensembles that can spice up your typical club outfits with ease. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may opt for your favorite leather jacket and colored jeans, and top your looks with a fur vest and a pair of stylish pumps that can take you from day to night.

Look fabulously classy on the colder months with fur vest. With an effortless and laid-back looks, you can create a stunningly fashionable statement with this fashion staple.




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