Fashionable TV and Movie Characters To Steal Looks From

Watching TV and movies is something a lot of us to for relaxation and recreation. I personally love me a good movie or two during the weekend with my friends or family but I also love to binge on a lot of TV series, both old and new, whenever I get the chance. When I’m with my family, we usually watch something everyone can appreciate but with my girl friends, it’s a different story. We usually watch chick flicks and we don’t just watch because the story is interesting but because we love to see what the characters are wearing since they’re always so fab. Check out these fashionable TV and movie characters to steal looks from.

  • Gabrielle Solis (Desperate Housewives) – Eva Longoria plays the sassy Gabby in Desperate Housewives and while we can all agree that all the housewives from the show looked good, you can’t deny the fact that Gabby was the most fabulous one in all of Wisteria Lane.

eva longoria outfit

gorgeous eva longoria

  • Rebecca Bloomwood (Confessions of a Shopaholic) – shopping is fun but when you get addicted to it and your addiction goes out of hand, you might end up stuck in a rut just like Rebecca Bloomwood (played by Isla Fisher). Nonetheless, I think Becky is still one of the best dressed movie characters. I mean, come on, with a closet brimming with clothes and accessories like hers, who wouldn’t spend hours creating the perfect look, right?

isla fisher gray dress street style isla fisher

  • Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) – her statement headbands and headpieces and her perfectly put together outfits in every episode makes Leighton Meester who played Blair Waldorf one of the most stylish TV series characters of all time. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t once get obsessed with headbands because of Blair and I know you went through this phase, too, while watching GG.

citrusy outfit blair waldorf fierce red outfit

  • Serena Van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl) – GG was indeed a fashion gold mine, both for men and women, because every episode was just filled with fashion inspiration from not just one but all of the characters and Serena, Blake Lively’s character, was another one of the best dressed characters on set. Serena has nailed glamorous street style looks to a T and I think a lot of women found their personal style by taking inspiration from this character.

boho chic serena van der woodsen neutral outfit long legs

  • Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) – no list of fashionable TV and movie characters is complete with Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in it. While the younger Carrie played by AnnaSophia Robb in The Carrie Diaries is definitely just as cute and stylish, I think we’ll all agree about SJP just nailing Bradshaw’s sense of style to a T.

iconic white flower dress sjp carrie bradshaw inspired outfit

  • Jane Nichols (27 Dresses) – while the idea of being a bridesmaid 27 times may seem a bit ridiculous, the fact that you get to keep all your dresses from all the weddings you went to actually sounds exciting (at least to me it does). In the movie, Jane (played by Katherine Heigl) shows us that dressing up in bridesmaids dresses can be just as fun and exciting as dressing up in bridal gowns. I just love how extensive and varied her collection of bridesmaids dresses is.

Katherine Heigl Arrives At The Beverly Hotel katherine heigl


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