Fashion Week Trends to Wear

Every week is a fashion week if you are a true-blue fashionista. But if you want to chicly prepare for the runway demos to come, then get into the zone with these fashion week trends.

One-Shoulder Garment

Get the affluent Greek feel by donning a one-shoulder garment. Whether it’s a top or a dress, one-shoulder garments are some of the stylish fashion week trends to wear. While it reveals some skin, it’s conservative enough to be worn at the office. Of course, some layering rules might apply.

ysl one shoulder dress

one shoulder top

Polo-Style Shirt

You don’t have to go out of your comfort zone in order to wear trendy fashion week trends. You can sashay in true preppy style with a polo-style shirt. Seen on the runways of Polo Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch, a polo-style shirt is one of the many fashion week trends that you can wear for the years to come (given you don’t gain weight, of course.)

red polo shirt lacoste polo style shirt

Kimono Trench Coats

Even if spring is drawing near, you can still wear trench coats outside – as long as it is the kimono trench coat! This is one of the most versatile fashion week trends, as you can wear it through most days of the year. Cinch it with a belt (like a medium obi belt, which I’m going to talk about in a while) for a shapely yet dramatic look.

floral kimono trench coatr sheer kimono trench coat

Loose Denim

Denims are timeless fashion week trends. But if you want to be updated, then choose cropped, baggier styles. These roomy styles are more than hip, and they look well with other fashion week trends (such as a polo-style top or a one-shoulder top.) With such denims, you can channel the inner bohemian babe in you.

distressed baggy jeans cuffed boyfriend jeans


If you want to get the resort look right at home, then wear all-white fashion week trends. Of course, remember to avoid the boring look by layering and utilizing different textures.

all white outfit all white ensemble

Blue and White

Seen on the runways of Herve Leger and Alice + Olivia, blue and white is a beautiful combination that’s perfect for this coming spring. The marriage of pure white and calming blue will make you a darling, wherever you might be.

white top blue pants blue and white dress

Medium Obi Belts

Statement belts are some of the many fashion week trends that you’ll love to wear all the time. One of the best examples is the medium obi belt, which has been spotted on the runways of Rebecca Taylor and BCBG. The key to rocking this Japanese-inspired cincher is to place the bow at one side.

gold obi belt black obi belt

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