6 Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

There’s more to life than just dressing up. There are some tweaks and adjustments one must do to look her very best. If you always want to look impeccable, then make sure to follow these fashion tips every woman should know.

Be Smart in Choosing Fabrics

An outfit’s style or appeal alone should not be the only factor you should consider when shopping. Picking the right fabric is one of the essential fashion tips every woman should know. When you choose the wrong fabric, you can either look too boxy or skinny, or the fabric could adhere to your hidden bulges. For a stunning look, make sure to opt for clothes made of cotton, wool gabardine, wool microfiber blends, wool crepe, or silk and cotton blends.

cotton outfit

wool gabardine coat

It’s All About Proportion

Yes, your clothes might fit you like a glove, but playing up proportions is one of the fashion tips every woman should know. The rule is this: short over long, or long over short. By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you can always look your best – wherever you wish to go.

rosie whiteley proportionate outfit proportionate outfit

Don’t Go Overboard

Yes, statement necklaces and blings can be enticing to wear, but if you want to look sophisticated, don’t go overboard. This is one of the fashion tips every woman should know because it can help you whatever age you might be. Remember, too many embellishments can reduce the versatility of your outfit. Worse, it can make you look heavier!

white simple outfit victoria beckham simple outfit

Be in the Dark

Patterns are fun to wear, but the wrong style and shape can make you look heftier. When picking a patterned outfit, choose styles with darker backgrounds or tonal patterns (i.e. pink mixed with red.) If you want to appear slender and still be able to wear patterns, then remember these fashion tips every woman should know.

emmy rossum patterned outfit jamie chung patterned outfit

Play with Colors

While the color black looks elegant, you might find yourself wanting to wear colors every so often. Should you decide to with a color blocked outfit, remember these fashion tips every woman should know: stick with a maximum of three colors, and that’s it. You would not want a hodgepodge of hues all over your body.

taylor swift colorful outfit emma watson colorful outfit

Brush up on your Basics

Basic outfits, such as a plain white shirt or dark-colored skinnies, are must-haves for every woman. While they might be simple, they can be glammed up as long as you follow the fashion tips every woman should know. Wear these basics with ornate pieces for a balanced yet elegant look.

white shirt and floral skirt kendall jenner simple outfit

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