Fashion Stylist Tips for Summer

Many celebs look stunning in the red carpet mainly because of their style-savvy stylists. So if you want to achieve a red carpet look for summer, then make sure to heed these fashion stylist tips by Cher Coulter, the fashionista behind Nicole Ritchie and Emilia Clarke’s fantastic outfits.

Graphic Top

Summer is not complete without a graphic top! With that being said, Coulter recommends wearing a fun graphic top this summer. While this goes well with casual bottoms, fashion stylist tips recommend this to be worn with a more elegant bottom, such as tailored pants or a flowy maxi skirt.

california crop top

grey graphic top

White Lace Dress

For the times when you feel like dressing up, fight the urge to wear your cute floral dresses. Instead, try to look more sophisticated in a white lace dress. According to fashion stylist tips, this is one of the best outfits to have this summer. It is truly versatile, as it can look casual with gladiator flats – and more formal when worn with black pumps.

white lace dress lace dress and button down top

Ripped Denim Pants

This summer calls for baring some skin. But if you can’t do so because of school or office dressing rules, you can still channel the trend by wearing ripped denim pants. Its smartly-located holes provide ventilation specifically for the hot temperatures. Most importantly, ripped jeans can give you a trendy, spunky look unlike any other.

ripped denimswhite top and ripped jeans

Rouge Lipstick

While summer calls for a more natural look, there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear a bright red lippy! With such fashion stylist tips for summer, you can pull of an elegant Gwen Stefani-esque look even in the middle of the scorching field.

red lippy red lipstick

White Sneakers

Even if you are not a sneakerhead, you will find it hard to bypass the season’s shoe trend! While sneakers come in a variety of colors and styles, know that you will never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers. You can always go for simple, plain sneakers, though fashion stylist tips suggest opting for one with a unique texture (say lace or mesh.)

white sneakswhite sneakers

Unique Platform Sandals

Sneakers are perfect for day activities. But if you need to attend after-party drinks or a quaint summer wedding, then you should opt for unique platform sandals. Since it is summer, fashion stylist tips advocate for unique and bright prints. Leopard or colorblocking – the choices are endless! Make the most out of summer, as this season gives you the chance to get away with wearing unique (if not crazy) platform sandals.

unique platform shoes green platform sandals

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