Fashion Styling Skills to Learn ASAP

Every woman is born different. What looks good on one is most likely not always going to like as good on another. This is why we have different preferences when it comes to fashion and why different styles and trends that we favor more compared to others. Thankfully, in fashion, there are lots of choices for everyone. Being stylish doesn’t come easy, though. It takes years of trial and error before you find out what styles and looks really suit you. Here are some fashion styling skills you need to learn ASAP to help you be on your road to chicness.

  • DRESSING UP FOR YOUR BODY TYPE – knowing your body type / shape and the styles that flatter it the most is the best way to be stylish and look good in anything you wear. Once you have got dressing down your body type to a tee, everything else is easy-peasy.

stylish outfit

  • TUCKING NON-SKINNY JEANS IN BOOTS – with fall just a few months away, it’s important to learn how to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots without making unsightly clumps and bulges. My personal secret that I’ve discovered years ago is to use socks. Fold your jeans neatly and wear socks to keep them in before zipping up your boots. It’s way neater and a lot more flattering all the time.

tucking non skinny jeans in boots tucked jeans in boots outfit boots and jeans outfit

  • WEARING THE RIGHT BRA FOR YOUR TOP – having well-fitting bras are one thing but having the right style for the top you’re wearing is another. The general rule to follow here is to never let your bra straps show. So, when wearing a strapless top, for example, a strapless bra is a must.

bra and top strapless match bra and top match

  • LAYERING WITHOUT THE FRUMP – layering is a great styling trick you can use to make outfits look more fab and chic but frump is often a problem and it’s not very flattering at all. To key to avoiding frump is making sure you wear the right pieces with the right fit. Tighter fitting pieces should be worn underneath while looser ones go on top.

layered summer outfit layered outfit for fall

  • COMPLEMENTING YOUR NECKLINE WITH A NECKLACE – we all know accessorizing makes a difference when it comes to styling outfits but wearing the right ones make an even bigger impact. Necklaces, for one, should complement the neckline of your top / dress so your outfit doesn’t look tacky or over-accessorized.

necklace and round neck top necklace and mint green top neckline and necklace guide

  • TYING SCARVES AND BELTS CREATIVELY – scarves and belts are great accessories. They’re not only fashionable; they’re functional as well. Tying scarves and belts creatively adds more personality to your look.

belted outfit blake lively scarf outfit

  • CUFFING / ROLLING JEANS AND SLEEVES – when done right, cuffing your jeans and/or rolling your sleeves can give your outfit major street style cred. Do it wrong, though, and it just looks sloppy and slobbery.

cuffed jeans cuffed sleeves on shirt outfit


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