Fashion Splurges Worth Every Penny

Not everyone has the luxury to spend on designer fashion items all the time so if you’re one of the ladies who have to stay on a budget most of the time for your fashion needs, you will want to make sure that when you do splurge on something, it is going to be worth it. Now, a $500 shirt isn’t bad if you have money to spare for it but it’s just not practical. Instead of buying that, why not go for something a little more practical like a classic coat or a piece of jewelry that you’ll be able to wear within the next few years? Doing so will help you get the most bang for your buck.  Here are some fashion splurges worth every penny.

  • LITTLE BLACK DRESS – because every woman needs a good LBD in her closet. Spending more than the usual on a nice little black dress is forgivable and understandable, especially if you either have a fancy date to go to or you’re the type who socializes in fancy parties more than occasionally.

little black dress by hapatime

little black dress outfit

  • LUXE CASHMERE SWEATER – whether it’s for a chilly summer night or a fun and fab fall or winter day in the months to come, a comfy sweater is just a must and on days when regular sweats just don’t cut it, a cashmere sweater would sure be a nice treat. Cashmere sweaters are great for dressing up a casual look.

cashmere sweater in nude

  • CLASSIC PUMPS – classic pumps are worth splurging on because they’re sure to get you the most bang for your buck. You can wear them with just about anything – from a street style look to something a little dressier to an outfit you can wear to the workplace. Choose a pair that you know will look great for every occasion – something not too plain and simple but also not too heavily ornate.

classic nude pumps classic black pumps

  • A POSH BLAZER – nice outerwear will always be a plus for any wardrobe. For working girls (and non-working girls who like to dress smart), a sharp and posh blazer is a must have and splurging on a really good one is one way to impress everyone in the office and let them know you mean business. Look for a high quality blazer that keeps it shape and doesn’t wrinkle or pill.

pink blazer outfit white blazer and sparkly belt

  • LEATHER PIECES – whether it’s a purse, a jacket or a dress, something wearable that’s made of leather will always have you looking edgy, sexy and sleek all at the same time which means that it’s a great addition to your closet. Splurge on genuine leather pieces if you want something that will last you a long, long time. Cheap leather may look good now but will eventually chip and fade.

leather jacket all black outfit

leather pants peplum top

  • THE PERFECT PAIR OF JEANS – a good pair of high quality jeans won’t cost you much (at least not as much as diamonds and pearls would) so why not invest in one or two pairs? Great-fitting jeans does wonders to its wearer. It can make you look slimmer, your behind perkier, your legs longer and so much more. It may cost you more than your regular Target find but it’s going to be worth it, for sure.

perfect jeans on chrissy teigen jeans outfit


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