Fashion Risks to Take this Year

Fashion is all about breaking out of the box. If you don’t walk a step ahead, you’ll most likely fade into the background. Get out of your style comfort zone by embarking on these fashion risks to take this year.

Sparkle and Dazzle

Some people say that sparkles belong to the night. However, this rule is worth bending. In fact, it is one of the most daring fashion risks to take. Shine bright – even if the sun is high and mighty – by wearing sparkly dresses or glittery boots during the day.

blake lively sparkly blazer

selena gomez sparkly blouse

Put a Dress over your Pants

Are you confused – or undecided – over your favorite dress or your new pants? You don’t have to choose from the two, as you can wear one over another. The dress over pants style is one of the bravest fashion risks to take, as it can help you express your love for two unique styles of clothing.

checkered dress over pants blue dress over denims

Denim is More than just Jeans

When people think of denim, the first word that comes to mind is “pants.” But if you are looking for genius fashion risks to take, then know that denim is more than just pants. It comes in other forms as well. Express your love for denim by wearing it in the form of a skirt, jumper, or crop top.

denim romper denim shirtdress

Show your Sporty Side

Sneakers are timeless foot classics for a good reason. Although they are usually worn with casual or athletic wears, they look good with frilly dresses and glamorous attires as well. As one of the most adventurous fashion risks to take, this pairing enables you to look great – without having to punish your feet along the way.

black dress and sneakers dress and white sneakers

Forget the Heels

For nighttime events, your first tendency might be to wear your strappy heels. But if you want to delve with ingenious fashion risks to take, then go with flat shoes or sandals instead. There are lots of cute flat shoes out there that befit sassy nighttime events. The best thing about this trend is that you don’t have to suffer. With flats, you can dance the night away – and still look pretty!

cate blanchett dress with flats black dress and flat shoes

It’s a (Mis)match!

If your usual earrings are too boring for your look, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new pair. All you need to do is think of the many fashion risks to take. One good example is the mismatched pair. Wear a stud on one ear and a chandelier earring on the other. This style will surely draw gasps from people around you.

mismatched earrings mismatch earrings

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