Fashion Must Haves for a Grunge Girl’s Wardrobe

Fashion is having a major throwback moment right now and it’s bringing the 90s grunge back, from makeup to music to outfits! If you were a grunge girl back then, I’m pretty sure you’re excited about the grunge trend being brought to life again. If grunge wasn’t your thing back then, though, why not take this chance to try and get to know the trend better? Who knows, it might just be what you’ve been looking for all along. In case you’re planning on going grunge this fall, check out these fashion must haves for a grunge girl’s wardrobe.

  • Denim jacket – a denim jacket may be the universal casual jacket for everyone but for the grunge girl, it’s more than that. It’s the staple must have in her closet that will keep her warm and also complete her look. A denim jacket is one of the pieces that define the grunge look. It’s the only outerwear you need to get the look right (though of course that would be different come winter).

denim jacket outfit

acid wash jacket modern vintage

  • Plaid – plaid may be used with lots of other looks today but it became really popular first with the grunge look. It’s one of the most recognizable elements of grunge fashion and it’s something you shouldn’t be without if you decide to do the grunge look. A plaid shirt is, of course, the easiest way to have plaid incorporated in your look. Wear it on its own, on top of another piece or around the waist – it all depends on how done up you’d like to look.

plaid pants modern grunge look winter grunge look

  • Floral dress – a floral dress is another must have for the grunge girl’s wardrobe. Nothing throws you back to the nineties more than a good floral dress and though it may seem a little too girly, you have to remember that all the other piece you’ll be wearing it with have more of that rough, edgy, rugged look so in the end, it’s all going to balance out.

leather and floral dress floral dress grunge look

  • Combat boots – heels and flats have nothing on combat boots when it comes to the grunge look. Nothing completes the look quite like it. Don’t worry about buying new boots if you already have an old one, the more beat up it is, the more grunge-y it will look. Doc Martens is a really popular choice for combat boots though Timberlands come to a close second. Of course, you don’t have to splurge on these name brands if you’re on a budget. Any kind of combat boots will look just as swell.

girly grunge lookblack buckle combat boots grunge combat boots hipster grunge

  • Black – anything black is welcome in the grunge girl’s closet, from shirts to shoes to makeup and accessories. If you ever find yourself torn about what to wear, just remember that you can never go wrong with black.

plaid shirt around waist glam grunge look black 90s grunge

  • Accessories – when it comes to accessorizing for the grunge look, there are lots of accessories that you can wear. Round, vintage-looking sunglasses are one of the most popular accessories in the grunge look. Tall socks can also be worn, especially with combat boots but if you want something warmer, tights are great too. As for jewelry, silver, leather and rubber bracelets go really well with it.

grunge look accessory lace dress grunge outfit grunge outfit from the 90s

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