Fashion Lessons to Learn from Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is undeniably one of the luckiest women to walk the face of the earth. She’s stunning, she has a gorgeous body, a hot husband, beautiful kids, a successful fashion empire and a wardrobe any woman would die for. Well, let’s be honest, just having the last one would make any girl feel lucky. If you’re passionate for fashion like I am, Victoria Beckham has got to be on your top 3 list of style inspirations. Here are some valuable fashion lessons to learn from Victoria Beckham.

  • A BAG IS A STATEMENT – the bag you carry will always make a statement – that much I know is true by watching and following Victoria Beckham’s each and every look. She has her own line of gorgeous handbags and purses in her stores that are sure to make a great addition to any woman’s closet but her own personal collection will make you drool just as much.

statement purse powder blue birkin

statement handbag statement bag

  • INVEST IN A GOOD PAIR OF WIDE LEG TROUSERS – despite the reign of skinny jeans and slim silhouettes, Victoria Beckham continues to embrace wide leg trousers and, to be honest, she just convinced us that they never go out of style. They look good and they’re super comfy, too, plus they make a great alternative to your skinnies when you want a different shape / silhouette for a certain look.

wide leg trousers wide leg trousers outfit wide leg Chloe trousers

  • GET YOURSELF A TURTLE NECK – another piece that most women would totally forgo adding to their closet is a basic turtle neck but Mrs. Beckham knows better. She turns basic turtle neck sweaters into a something totally stunning and stylish and that is done by coupling it with a few more trendy and/or classic items.

turtleneck and leather pants turtleneck and skirt outfit turtleneck outfit on the red carpet

  • HEELS OVER ANYTHING – a pair of heels can turn any outfit from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ in an instant and we know Victoria Beckham knows that all too well. The former Spice Girl is yet to be seen walking around not wearing a gorgeous pair. Heels just add sophistication and sexiness to any look so if you want to get that posh aura, choose heels over anything.


heels and cat dress heels in red patent leather heels with red sole

  • STREAMLINED SILHOUETTES = CLASSIC LOOKS – ever wondered how, despite all the new trends coming out, style stars like Victoria Beckham stay stylish without necessarily following suit? It’s all about going for sleek and streamlined silhouettes. Playing with shape and structure sometimes is a great thing but for your everyday looks, I would suggest going with streamlined ones as these are classic looks and will forever be in style.

classic librarian look classic dress and cape outfit classic simple look

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