Fashion Inspired by 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey – an erotic novel created by E.L. James – is about to hit the silverscreen! Due for showing this love month, it features the steamy love story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. If you are a fan of the novels – and the highly-anticipated movie adaptation – then make sure to try these 50 Shades of Grey fashion ideas.

black bandage dress

Lace it Up

Another way to embody the 50 Shades of Grey fashion – without baring your entire body – is to wear a lacy outfit. This material creates an element of curiosity – with the patches of skin that show through the sheer lace.
black lace top black lace dress

Wear Fringe

50 Shades of Grey fashion is all about sexiness – and you can channel that vibe (without showing much skin) in a fringy outfit. A fringed crop top or skirt will make any guy’s blood flowing.

brown fringe shorts

Looking for a sexy yet sophisticated way to shine at a party? Then try a black fringe dress, such as the one below.

black fringe dress

Go For Satin

Satin is a shiny fabric reminiscent of bedtime and sweet dreams. In fact, these connotations make satin a great piece for a 50 Shades of Grey fashion-inspired outfit. Since satin comes with much sheen, tone down the sparkle in your bottoms, footwear, and accessories.

satin jumpstuit black satin dress

Don a Bralette

Look sexy and enticing in a beautiful bralette. This simple yet lightweight top can add an element of sexiness to your outfit. Since it shows an ample amount of skin, make sure to wear it with ‘longer’ bottoms, such as pants or a maxi skirt. If you don’t want to wear it alone, wear a sheer topper so you can still make you look sexy – while partially covered.

black bralette black bralette and sheer top

Choose a Corset

Like the bralette, a corset is a shapely topper that can make you look sleek and sexy. You don’t necessarily have to skimp your waist to achieve 50 Shades of Grey fashion. With this on, you’ll look sexy, no matter what bottoms you might wear.

black corset white lace corset

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