Fashion Editor Style Secrets

Apart from celebrities and supermodels, fashion editors prove to be some of the best style icons in the world. From Vogue’s Anna Wintour to Teen Vogue’s Amy Astley, fashion editors have been making their marks as the “it girls” of the century. Be just like them by following these fashion editor style secrets.

Fashion Editor Style Tuck

Tucking in your top is a good way to look polished, but if you are looking for a fashion editor style tuck, then keep the following tips in mind. Tuck only one side of your button-down top (or tee, whatever top you might be wearing.) This devil-may-care look will definitely give you a fashion editor style in no time.

half tuck shirt

half tuck top

Frat Shirt Tuck

Sometimes, a fashion editor style is as simple as tucking the shirt in. For this style, it’s all about looking sophisticated in the front – and casual at the back. To achieve the frat shirt tuck, all you just need to do is tuck the front of your shirt in. Leave your behind tucked out for a look that’s formal in the front, and party at the back!

frat tuck shirt green frat tuck shirt

Sleeve Roll Secret

A fashion editor style that’s famous amongst many is Jenna Lyons’ sleeve roll. To achieve this look, fold the sleeve in half. Pull the sleeve to the upper arm, and roll the sleeve once again. Make sure it ends below the sleeve cuff for a sophisticated, fashion editor style top.
jenna lyons striped shirt jenna lyons white top

Jacket Sleeve Trick

Pushing up the sleeves of your coat or blazer is a fashionable way to wear outerwear during the hotter days. While it is as easy as lifting up the ends, the fact of the matter is your sleeves might fall out with minor movements. To achieve the fashion editor style secret of the jacket sleeve trick, place a hair tie or rubber band at the middle of the sleeve. Pull up the tied sleeve up to a comfortable area, and roll the remaining sleeves. Make sure to conceal the band under the bunched sleeve.

rolled sleevespushed sleevewhite rolled sleeve

Jean Roll Trick

Cuffing your jeans is one of the things you need to master in order to achieve an impeccable fashion editor style. They key to pulling off this look is to fold the ends, and fold them once again. Make sure to show some of the hemline. This stylishly sloppy way of cuffing your jeans is a good way to show your new pair of sandals or stilettos.

cuffed jeans cuffed dark pants cuffed black pants

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