Fashion DIYs For Prom Night

For the fashionista girls out there who are planning their prom night outfits, this one’s for you. Prom is usually the time when you get to go all out on buying everything from your clothes to your purse, shoes down to your accessories, but there’s no denying that not everyone can afford to buy everything new for prom. If you’re about to go on prom and you’re on a rather tight budget, check out these fashion DIY’s for prom night that you can make yourself.

  • GLITTER HEELS – no cash in stash for a new pair of heels? Use up an old pair, even if it’s a rather beat up one. Just make sure to breathe new life into them and give them a new look. One of the prettiest ways to DIY an old pair of heels is to turn them into glitter heels. They’re perfect for adding that girly, chic, romantic vibe to your prom look.

glitter heels diy

glitter heels sarah jessica parker

  • EMBELLISHED SHOES – if you’re not into glitters, though, or if you want something that’s not too shiny and sparkly but will still stand out with your prom dress, you can make a pair of embellished shoes instead. Just as with glitter heels, you can use an old pair of shoes for this stylish DIY project – perfect if you’re on a budget.

embellished heels with studsembellished heels diy embellished heels

  • HAIR ACCESSORIES – sometimes, all you really need to complete your look is a good hair accessory and there are lots of them that you can DIY for prom night. From simple embellished bobby pins to glam headbands and fab headdresses, you’re sure to be able to make something that will go with your prom look.

hair accessory diy hair comb with pearls hair accessory gold feather headband

  • YOUR PURSE – so you weren’t able to save up enough cash for that designer purse you’ve been eyeing on to go with your prom night look, that’s fine. You can always DIY one and make it look like that designer piece you’ve been wanting. A trip to the craft supply store and some creativity is usually all that you need to make your own prom night purse.

prom heart purse prom purse diy prom sequin purse

  • JEWELRY – if you think that jewelry set that mom is making you wear isn’t fab enough, why not make your own? DIYing jewelry for prom night is always better than buying a pre-made piece because you can make your jewelry as much of a statement as you like.

jewelry diy jewelry necklace diy

  • CORSAGE – I know not everyone wears them to prom anymore but if you want to wear one, make one! Corsages don’t typically cost much when bought but DIYing them lets you use colors that will go well with your dress.

wrist corsage

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