Fashion Advantages of Being Tall

It’s every girl’s dream to look and be taller and to have longer, more slender legs but those who are tall enough don’t always appreciate being a few inches taller than others. I know lots of women who say they feel less feminine because they’re taller than some of the men they know but I think being tall is wonderful, at least when it comes to fashion that is. Check out these fashion advantages of being tall and see why so many women are dreaming of adding a few more inches to their height and why tall women should embrace theirs.

  • Pain is an option – one of the greatest things about being tall is that you can choose to not wear heels and still be tall and still fit into all of your pants perfectly well. Exposing your feet to pain from heels is  optional when you’re tall where as it’s more of a ‘must’ when you’re petite. Flats, sneakers and sandals are all viable choices every time with every outfit.

simple black flats

tall boots long legs comfy flat boots

  • Hems are no problem – I’m petite and I know the struggle of having a pair of jeans fit perfectly on your waist and hips but end up being too long so I have to have them hemmed otherwise it’ll either cover up my feet or it will look sloppily scrunched up by the ankles. Tall people don’t have this problem. You don’t have to worry about having each and every pair of pants hemmed so they fit you perfectly which is a real plus to being tall.

distressed jeans perfect jeans outfit acid wash jeans

  • Cropped pants are on trend – now, on some rare occasions, some pants will be too short but then that’s perfectly fine, too, for tall people since the cropped pants look is totally on trend right now and they can get away with pants that are too short and pass them off as cropped.

cropped jeans outfit cropped trousers outfit

  • All skirt lengths look good – whether it’s a miniskirt, a midi skirt or a maxi skirt, you’re sure that they’ll look great on someone tall. Adjusting to skirt trends is the least of a tall girl’s problems since any length and style looks good on them.

blue maxi skirt white midi skirt striped midi skirt gray mini skirt

  • Skirts with boots look dreamy – another advantage of having long legs and just being tall in general is that you can wear skirts with boots anytime and easily pull it off. In fact, the combination of a skirt and boots is a dreamy one that tall people can effortlessly pull off and only a few petite ladies nail.

feather mini skirt and boots boots and skirt slit skirt midi and boots

  • Recreating models’ looks are more realistic – one of the things that I know annoys the heck out of petite ladies like me is when we see a really gorgeous look on a certain model and think “I wish I were taller so I could pull that off” and this is something that tall people aren’t affected by. Recreating models’ looks are more realistic for taller ladies.

model off duty fab model off duty look model look

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