Fall Statement Shoes You’ll Want to Wear Everyday

Fall is not just the time to get creative with outfit layering, it’s also the perfect time to sport some seriously gorgeous footwear. If you’re a shoe-a-holic, check out these fall statement shoes you’ll want to wear every day. These will make you wish it was fall every single day.

  • STUDDED MOTO BOOTS – forget about minimalism for a while because this season, studded moto boots are everything. We’re not just talking about your regular moto boots with stud detailing here, we’re talking heavily studded pairs with barely any other space left for anything else. If you’re looking for a pair that you can get down and dirty with but still maintain that chic and stylish vibe, this is the pair for you.studded moto boots
    studded moto boots outfit
  • WEDGE BOOTS – remember the wedge sneaker trend that took the fashion world by storm? It is returning today with a more autumn-y twist and that is in the form of wedge boots. Offering maximum support and style, these shoes are perfect for everyday wear as well.wedge suede boots outfit wedge boots velour on sienna miller
  • LACE UP PLATFORM STEPPERS – for the ladies on the petite side and for those who love a good shoe that screams an adventurous attitude, a pair of lace up platform steppers would definitely make a good addition to the closet. These shoes are very unique and not many women can pull them off, even if they want to. If you think you can make these blend in with the rest of your wardrobe, though, go ahead and get yourself a pair!platform with heels platform shoes with lace up details kendall jenner
  • WHITE SHOES – amidst all the dark and vampy fall colors, a pair of white shoes is sure to shine. If you like having a little something that really stands out but you don’t want anything that’s too loud or too bold either, you can always opt for a pair of white shoes to be your statement piece for your outfit du jour.white kicks with neutral fall outfit white pumps with plaid skirt and black top
  • FURRY SHOES – this is perhaps one of the season’s wildest trends but also one of the most intriguing and undoubtedly one of the best ways to make a statement. Furry shoes can be a really fun and whimsical addition to your look and an unexpected one, too! If you’re up for something cute and quirky, go ahead and try to pull these off.fur sandals fur heels outfit

What’s your favorite way to make a statement during this time of the year? Are you a statement shoes kind of person or would you rather wear a bold top or crazy pants instead?



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