Fall Scarves to Up Your Street Style Game

If there’s one outfit you shouldn’t be without this fall, it’s the scarf. Scarves are inexpensive (considering that you’re not going for the high end designer braded ones) and they’re not just there to make your outfit look better, they actually serve a purpose as well and that is to keep you warm. I think that a scarf gives your outfit more of that fall vibe and a really chic one will take your outfit to a whole other level. Here are some fall scarves to up your street style game that you should definitely consider adding o your fall wardrobe.

  • Infinity scarf – an infinity scarf is very much like a snood. In fact the two are often interchanged. I think infinity scarves are the easiest to wear. You can just drape them on and go, no fancy tying styles required and you wouldn’t have to worry about it coming off or getting caught in between your clothes and purse straps. Aside from that, it’s dual purpose, too! You can use it as a plain scarf or as a scarf and hoodie in one for colder days.

bright yellow infinity scarf

pastel infinity scarf red infinity scarf

  • Knitted scarf – a knitted scarf is the best one to reach for if you’re going out on a really cold day (or night). It’s very warm and very cozy, too. Knitted scarves are also rather thick and heavy so they’re perfect for windy days. The bulk they add to your outfit gives you that nice chic touch.

knitted oversize scarf knitted chunky scarf knitted brown scarf

  • Fur scarf – if you’re looking for a rather lush scarf that would go well with your fancy outfits, a fur scarf is perfect. Of course, you can always choose between real fur and faux fur. You either invest in real fur or go more anima-friendly with a faux fur one. Either way, a fur scarf will give your outfit that elegant, classy touch.

luxurious fur scarf mini fur scarf sweater and fur scarf

  • Printed scarf – fall outfits tend to be plain, dark and simple so having something like a printed scarf to add more detail, texture and color to your look would be really nice. You can go all out on the fall look and choose dark, warm prints or you can bring back a little bit of spring and summer by opting for a bright and colorful printed scarf. Animal print and tartan are everything during fall but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a floral scarf if you want.

tiger print scarf animal print scarf bright printed scarf

  • Silk scarf – for a subtle touch of class and elegance, go for a silk scarf. Silk scarves are not as warm as other fall scarves so make sure you have your layers on when wearing these. They’re actually more of just an accessory to give your whole fall look that posh, classy and refined look. Silk scarves often come with light and delicate prints / patterns so they’re perfect for adding more detail to your plain, dark and simple fall look.

neutral silk scarg isla fisher silk scarf classy silk scarf


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