Fall Makeup Looks Inspired by Your Favorite Celebs

Fashion isn’t the only thing that should change when the seasons do, your makeup should too! Once fall comes, everything gets darker, vampy-er and sexier. Of course, you don’t have to go dark all the way if you think you can’t pull it off but having at least something dark in your makeup will really make your look more autumn-appropriate. If you’re  not used to wearing dark makeup, you may find it a little intimidating but trying it out and going a little darker gradually every time can really help. Here are some fall makeup looks inspired by your favorite celebs.

  • Kim Kardashian’s smoky eye – Kim Kardashian’s everyday signature eye makeup look is actually quite appropriate for fall. It’s dark, it’s smoky and it would definitely look good on most skin tones. If you’re looking for something universal, this is the look that you should go for. You can tone it down if you want something less bold for the day or turn it up and maybe even glam it up with some shimmer and shine by night. Fake lashes are optional but they’re perfect if you want something that will really make your eyes pop.

kim k sexy makeup

kim k vampy makeup kim kardashian glam makeup

  • Cara Delevingne’s dark and bold brows – bold brows have become quite the trend these days, thanks to beauty and style icons like Cara Delevingne who made it happen. If you aren’t comfortable with wearing any dark color on your face, be it eye shadow, blush or lip color, the next best thing would be to sport a pair of dark and bold brows a la Cara Delevingne. This will make your whole makeup look more fall-friendly even when your makeup is light.

cara d brown makeup cara d glam fall makeup cara delevingne fall makeup pop of blue

  • Kylie Jenner’s grunge makeup – Kylie’s makeup look is being replicated everywhere by everyone and it’s not hard to see why. Her grunge-y makeup look with that signature lip color has been all the rage these days and is the perfect throwback to the nineties. It’s matte, natural with a pops of dark color on certain places (lips, cheeks) and it’s quite glamorous, too, even if it’s a simple day time look.

kylie jenner makeup kylie j makeup kylie jenner grunge makeup

  • Mila Kunis – everything about Mila Kunis’s look is perfect for fall, especially her eyes. Though not as glammed up as Kim Kardashian’s take on the smoky eye, Mila Kunis achieves perfection with her Kohl-rimmed eye makeup look. It’s dark but not too heavy or dramatic that you can’t wear it during the day. Her lips are almost always nude which is perfect for making the eyes the main focus of her look. All these coupled with her rich, dark hair color makes the perfect look for fall.

mila kunis makeup perfection mila kunis marie claire cover mila kunis red carpet makeup

  • Lorde’s pale skin and dark lips – Lorde’s look has always been fall-friendly (at least the one that we’ve been seeing since her rise to fame, that is). That makeup look she had from her Royals music video pretty much hasn’t changed but it’s pretty and quite vampy so we don’t mind. Porcelain matte skin, dark lips and bare eyes – doesn’t that sound like a good everyday fall makeup look?

lorde makeup look lorde signature look lorde with dark lipstick

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