Fall Handbag Trends to Look Forward to 

Fall is still a few months away, but designers are already sending their Autumn designs to the runways. Whet your appetite with the up-and-coming fashions with these fall handbag trends to look forward to.

Snakeskin Handbags

Animal hide had always been used in handbags. But this coming autumn, designers are all about unique styles, such as snakeskin handbags. These fall handbag trends have been the focal points in many shows, including that of Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Miu Miu. Since these purses are attention-getters by themselves, make sure not to wear any other busy print that can take the focus away from the bag.

snakeskin clutch

snakeskin bag

Furry Handbags

Autumn is the start of the cold seasons, that is why furry purses prove to be popular fall handbag trends. Not only are they luxurious to the eyes, they are plush to the hands as well. Because of its opulent elegance, it comes as no surprise why the catwalks of Louis Vuitton and Fendi are filled with these fuzzy eye candies.

red fur clutch pink fur bag

Don’t have enough moolah to purchase furry handbags? Here’s a tip: Wrap the bag handles with a faux scarf and you are good to go!

olivia palermo fur handbag

Studded Leather Handbags

Leather’s warming quality makes it a popular material for autumn fashion. With that being said, studded leather purses have become one of the most popular fall handbag trends to look forward to. These edgy pocketbooks can add the ‘hard’ element to your otherwise ‘soft’ appearance. Although it is best made for balancing your outfit, it can also be used to complete your trendy punk rock attire.

leather and stud handbag studded leather clutch

Pink Handbags

If the catwalks are filled with punk fall handbag trends, you know that pink, girly fall handbag trends are expected to follow suit as well. Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen are just some of the designers who were more than happy to send pink purses to their runways.  With the many shades of pink bags available, it’s just a matter of picking the right hue for your outfit. For this spring, make sure to embrace light pinks that denote the blooming flowers of the season.

light pink bag light pink handbag

Big Bags

Mini sling bags and minaudieres have been the toast of the past seasons. Deviating from these styles are the fall handbag trends which stick to the mantra “bigger is always better.” If you want to bring all of your necessities to work or to play, then big bags – such as those shown by Celine and Chanel – are something you should opt for this coming autumn.

big brown bag big black bag

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