Fabulous Styles of Wearing Colored Leather

Undoubtedly, leather is one of the edgy and most luxurious materials that can be worn to look chic. Traditionally in black color, leather fashion has risen back to popularity in exclusive colors such as red, mustard yellow, purple, brown, blue, orange, pink, and even purple. These leather colors are indeed very fashionable, original, and quality. Though the new colored variants of leather might be a bit stiff and costumey, styling them with perfect ensembles actually gives an edginess to whatever outfit you’re going for.

Always opt for a leather piece that suits your figure and accentuates your best assets since they are tight fitting and form hugging. Another great alternative to leather and faux leather is patent leather, which has a glossy finish. Patent leather is more eye-catching than regular leather due to its shiny quality so you are more than obliged to keep the rest of your outfits simple. It is preferable to stick to one leather piece of clothing and pair with simple fabrics so you’ll highlight the leather and tone down the outfit also.

camel leather jacket

red leather jacket leather top cobalt blue leather jacket

Leather jackets and tops always give an ounce of edginess to whatever style you want. When sporting a leather top, go for sleeveless as it comes off as sticky to the skin. And for its more androgynous design, it’ll be better if you pair something feminine such as a tulip or wrap miniskirt. But with a colored leather jacket, you can also harmonize your style with the feminine pieces such as feminine dress, structured shoes, and lace blouse.

3. blue leather dress brown leather dress dark patent leather purple leather dress red patent leather

For leather dresses, opt for a more tailored cut. Since leather dresses are tight to the skin, your tummy might look obvious if you wear lighter leather colors. So, it’s best to go for a dress in dark color and preferably one with seams that go vertical.

blue leather coat burgundy coat

But if you feel it’s too hot to wear a leather dress, but still want a polished edgy look, opt for a leather coat. You may simply put on these coats and put them off when you feel sweaty. And you don’t want your leather coat to look like a kid’s rubber raincoat, opt for darker colors.

dark patent leather skirt yellow leather skirt

Leather skirts are appealing, feminine, and versatile. Worn with different tops every time, you will create different looks may be sexy, modern, bohemian, and formal. For a feminine but elegant style, wear your patent leather skirt with a structured top and wear leggings and boots for a stylish result. For a contemporary cool vibe, just wear a lightweight sweater over your leather skirt and throw on strappy sandals.

leather pink shorts

Leather shorts in an extremely fun color like bubblegum pink that sort of candy-like looks to it. And, you can either pair its glossy and playful shade with some other color that’s bold or something more toned down. A pair of classic pumps or high heels is always the best choice when wearing leather as it gives a feminine touch to your outfit.

brown cullottes brown trousers green trousers

When it comes to a pair of colored leather pants, first make sure it fits you well. A skin-tight pair of leather trousers would be more suitable for a casual look that’s perfect when paired with a loose shirt. As for something dressier, opt for a pair of palazzo pants or culottes and wear a dressy top with it. Whenever you want to make your legs be a statement-making, feel free to wear tight leather trousers and combine the rest of the outfit in a way to make it notable.

leather bag patent red boots

If you do not feel like wearing leather as clothes, leather accessories can do the trick. Leather accessories such as bags, boots, shoes, belts, and purses are more feminine and sophisticated. Just consider the style you want to create and play with your basic essentials pairing them with your leather ensembles.

The trick to achieving stunning leather looks without feeling so stuffed up is to only pick one leather ensemble from your attire and pair it with simpler and more basic fashion pieces. Whether it’s the jacket, trousers, skirts, shorts, or accessories, leather is a great way to make a statement in a sophisticated and fabulous way.



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