Fab Christmas Morning Outfits

Christmas Eve may be the most exciting part of Christmas but nothing beats the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning. It’s just something that brings you back to your childhood when you slept with the anticipation of opening all your Christmas presents in the morning. Now that you’re all grown up (and probably living away from home), though, your Christmas mornings and your perception of it may have already changed. Nevertheless, it’s still a great thing to look forward to. Here are some ideas for fab Christmas morning outfits that you can wear.

  • STYLISH STATEMENT – dead air on Christmas morning? No way! Make sure that never happens and that the cheery vibe continues by wearing something that’s sure to strike up a convo between you and the people around. A statement sweater is a great way to break the ice in style. Choose one that has an interesting word, phrase, statement or print pattern. Pair it up with jeans and you should be ready for Christmas brunch.

cute statement sweater

funny statement sweater statement jumper outfit statement sweater

  • GET IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT – want to go all out with the Christmassy look and feel of things? Perhaps you should don that Christmas sweater on then. Christmas sweaters aren’t exactly what you would pick out to wear on an everyday basis (admit it, all those details can be a bit too much) but it’s perfect for when you want to really get into the spirit of Christmas.

christmas sweater and short christmas sweater outfit red christmas sweater

  • MATCHY-MATCHY – if you want to keep it old school and traditional on Christmas morning, bust out your favorite pair of pajamas and wear them all day long. If you’re feeling bold, you can get on with the trend and even wear them outside. If you ARE wearing pajamas on Christmas morning, make sure they’re cute and, quite possibly, new. You know there will be lots of pictures taken and you wouldn’t want to be in them with a ratty old pajama set.

girly pajamas cute and colorful pajamas matching pajama set

  • DRESS TO IMPRESS – now, if you’re spending Christmas (and Christmas morning) over at your guy’s house along with a ‘meet the parents’ gig, make sure you’re dressed to impress. You don’t have to bust out your designer clothes or your fancy pieces, though. After all, it is Christmas morning, not some fancy cocktail party at a 5-star hotel. Choose something that will make you look chic and sophisticated like a simple dress with cute accessories or a dressy top paired up with good slacks. A really nice sweater worn with a cute skirt could work, too.

cute and casual outfit red dress for christmas morning dressy christmas morning outfit impressive christmas morning outfit

  • SEXY SANTA – looking forward to a Christmas morning alone with your man? Give him a nice Christmas treat and surprise him by letting him wake up to a glorious image of you in something sexy. A sexy slip dress underneath that robe is sure to make him eager to get up and run to you. You can also tease him a little by wearing that sweater that’s just a tiny bit oversized as a dress paired up with knee high socks or anything else that you know he finds sexy.

lacey slip dress miranda kerr sexy christmas morning outfit sexy comfy loungewear sexy sweater dress

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