Fab Black and White Winter Accessories to Wear Now

There’s no more perfect time to wear anything and everything colorful but sometimes all those colors can get a little overwhelming that you just want to wear a clean and simple classic look like black and white. You just can’t go wrong with black and white. It’s like an ultimate go-to pairing / combo that you just know you can turn to when things get a little too crazy and colorful. It’s also one of those color combos that you can wear to tone a look down. Here are some fab black and white winter accessories to wear now.

  • BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED BEANIE – black is too generic and white is too plain but a black and white striped beanie is the perfect addition to any outfit when you’re going for a minimalist look but don’t want it to end up looking too plain and boring. Wear it with anything – from a monochromatic outfit to a really loud and crazy one to help tone the look down.

yarn striped beanie

striped beanie striped beanie white and black

  • EYEGLASSES – if you wear contact lenses, you know that the winter air can be really drying for the eyes. I personally prefer wearing glasses when winter comes because I find that, with contact lenses, my eyes tend to get irritated more during this time of the year. For a more fun but still classy look, try on a pair of black and white eyeglasses.

black and white eyeglasses polka dot eye glasses prada eyeglasses

  • ARM WARMERS – arm warmers are awesome. They add more warmth to your outfit and they’re the perfect kind of arm / hand accessory to wear if you’re not a glove kind of person. Gloves can be difficult to deal with sometimes. Things slip and slide when you hold them, your palms get sweaty real easy, then you decide to take them off but then they get real cold again – you can avoid all these with arm warmers.

aztec black and white hand warmerarm warmers

  • HOUNDSTOOTH PRINTED SCARF – houndstooth is one of the few print patterns that you can associate with the colder seasons, especially winter. If you’re looking for an easy way to wear this print (it can be overwhelming sometimes when worn in large quantities), try wrapping a houndstooth printed scarf around your neck. It’s a great way to instantly add a cool edge to your look.

houndstooth print scarf houndstooth scarf outfit pink coat and houdstooth scarf

  • CAPE – wearing something so vaguely oversized like a cape can sometimes be super overwhelming but if you’re dying to try the cape trend, you can start out with one that has a simple design and an even simpler color palette such as black and white. This will ensure that your outfit remains looking classy instead of tacky.

black and white animal print cape black and white cape lily collins black and white cape

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