Ella Gregory: Dress Up Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been a fashionable jeans style for a number of years now. Even though many women find skinny jeans challenging to pull off, they have evolved from being a trendy style to a wardrobe staple that every woman needs to own. So, are you wondering how can you dress up and dress down these body-hugging skinny jeans to look right for the office, for a casual walk, or on weekends? Then, let’s have some style inspiration.

Born and raised in London, fashion blogger Ella Gregory describes her style as a bit of mishmash and tends to be very skinny jeans with oversized knits, T-shirts, and ankle boots. Ella believes that life is more fun when filled with beautiful things and that it shouldn’t cost a fortune to build a stylish, colorful life. Launched in 2006, Coco’s Tea Party is her virtual diary where she shares her thoughts on fashion and provides style inspiration for fashion-savvy young professionals. Let’s have a look at Ella’s outfit ideas for wearing skinny jeans, so you can look comfortable without sacrificing style.

Many of us work in offices that allow wearing jeans on specified days. Skinny jeans can be a stylish and comfortable option for work, but it can be a challenge to style them to look professional. If your office allows jeans, you can never go wrong choosing jeans in a solid dark color. Just be sure to avoid distressed denim that’s too casual for the office, unless you work in a very creative field.

formal black with jeans

formal black with pearl necklace leopard print coat

For the professional look, you could never go wrong in wearing all black. If your office is on the conservative side, class up your skinny jeans by pairing your skinny jeans with a structured blazer. And wear decent accessories such as pearl necklaces, flower pins, or gold jewelry to add some polish and balance to your more casual bottoms. Or, you may also throw on animal print coat and heels.

floral coat knit and jeans printed white blazer stripes white jeans

If you work in a creative field, you can also layer a printed coat or blazer over your plain top. Like Ella, you may wear a leather jacket on top of your striped blouse and white skinny jeans and wear a pair of boots or sandals. Similarly, light-colored skinny jeans and shiny, coated denim should be saved for after hours, if you want to look professional. This is a great way to let your co-workers know you don’t take yourself too seriously while still looking presentable.

coat and ripped jeans coat pink and jeans faux fur velvet boots

Want to look casual but put-together in your skinny jeans? Reach for a pair of dark skinny jeans and throw on a faux fur, blazer, or trench coat for a polished look. You may wear a scarf, knee-length boots, or sandals. Choose a solid-colored coat in a classic shade such as or beige, gray, navy, or black as well as floral printed coats. Sweaters with sophisticated details, such as beading, ribbon work or piping, can also elevate your skinny jeans outfit for a casual look.

casual sneakers green coat runnersgraphic tee leopard ballet flats navy sweater  pink scarf yellow sweater

If you’re more of a sporty chic gal, you may sport your fashion runners with your sneakers. And on the streets, at last, you may now flaunt your distressed jeans. Colored skinny jeans are a fun option for casual wear. Dress up your skinny jeans with graphic tees, sweaters, comfortable shoes that make a great go-to look for and wearing, and a printed scarf around your neck for an extra touch of flair.

So, be creative and dress up your skinny jeans. This way, you’ll be more comfortable without sacrificing style.



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