Elin Kling: Embrace Monochrome This Summer

The simplicity of monochrome makes it a classic vintage, and once more it’s set to rule our styles this summer.

The Swedish Elin Kling, a style blogger, cuts a distinctive monochrome splash on a vibrant landscape of the blogosphere. Nowadays, she runs her own style blog, The Wall. With all of her experienced successes and a swoon-worthy collection of ensembles in mind, she would be the perfect inspiration for the best outfit choices – particularly monochrome dressing!

shades of blue elin kling

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Monochromatic dressing suggests dressing the same tones of one color. In digital photography, “monochrome” often referenced to black and white, grayscale, or sepia. But in fashion terms, the word may be monotone that would be the identical or close shades and tones of one color. This signifies that monochrome attire doesn’t always have to be black. For instance, someone is being dressed in all red but the blouse is a brighter red than the pants and the pumps a deeper shade of red is viewed as monochromatic.

navy blue outfit elin kling all black jeans eling kling gray outfit elin kling

The primary reason one must think about monochromatic dressing is that it’s a styling tactic that can get one look taller; or leaner for fuller body shapes. Because when a woman dresses all in one color, she highlights one artistic image to those who observe her, and it’s a vertical image. Dark colors work perfectly because dark colors recede, making the individual look slimmer, and when you look slimmer, you look taller. Aside from the color black, you may consider dressing in navy blue, charcoal, forest green, burgundy red or dark brown.

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Monochromatic dressing always looks sensible. No matter what the affair or time of day, dress in a black and white outfit and you’re good to go. But once in a while, there may be a purpose that petite women would wish to look taller. For instance, a short woman interviewing for a job is at a little disadvantage compared to her taller colleagues. So in this sort of scenario, using styling tactics, such as monochromatic dressing, to look a bit taller makes sense.

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Black is most likely the most typical color for monochromatic dressing, but some women may look pale and washed out when wearing black or dark colors. If that’s the case, you can still wear black or dark colors, but modify your monochromatic look by putting on a shawl or shirt in one of your most complementing colors next to your face. You’ll still get the advantage of looking longer and leaner, but without the dulling impression of black next to your face.

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Monochromatic dressing has the possibilities to be very boring and lifeless. To avoid this issue, modify a monochromatic look with fashionable cuts in the outfits – by matching different textures and patterns – and stylish accessories that will make your style statement look unique, rather than clunky. If you are not daring enough for the monochromatic style, consider it out first with a pair of skinny jeans and the color of your preference, and get yourself used to the concept first.

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Be acquainted with these tips and tricks. When a monochromatic style is done perfectly, it can look both elegant and fashion-forward.

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