Easy Fixes for Your Worst Beauty Woes

Many women use makeup to enhance their beauty and look and feel better about themselves. Sometimes, though, there will be days when a good skin day is just not possible. There are so many common beauty problems out there that I know everyone of us experiences every so often. Some of these bad skin day issues are caused by trying out new / unfamiliar products that react in not-so-good ways with our skin while others are caused by certain things we do. Here are some easy fixes for your worst and most common beauty woes.

  • Pimples – pimples can be caused by a variety of things but mostly, they are caused by dirt (pollution from the environment, touching your face with dirty hands, using dirty brushes, etc.). The best way to avoid pimples, of course, is to keep your face clean. If they’re already on the surface, though, one thing you can do is to hide them using a concealer. Concealer keeps redness at bay. Double up with a foundation that offers full coverage and your pimple should be unnoticeable for the day. At night, apply a teeny tiny amount of benzoyl peroxide to the spot after cleansing it to aid with drying the pimple out.

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  • Dark under eye circles – another one of the most common beauty woes we constantly deal with is dark under eye circles. They make you look tired all the time and that’s never a good thing. You want to look fresh, energized and vibrant, right? Especially after you’ve spent hours doing your makeup in front of that mirror. Use a concealer to hide dark under eye circles. Make sure to get the perfect shade of concealer to prevent it from looking ashy. You may have to mix two shades to get the perfect color but it’s worth it.

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  • Redness – another really annoying beauty problem is redness and while most red spots can be covered up by full coverage foundation and some concealer, extreme redness and blotchiness can sometimes look ashy, grayish and dull when covered with just foundation and concealer. To diffuse redness and correct your complexion colors, use green-based face products. Green balances out red so it’s the best color for taking out the redness in your skin. Use these green-based products before you apply your foundation / concealer and you should get good-looking skin afterwards.

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  • Large and visible pores – large and visible pores are one of the biggest things standing between you and flawless-looking makeup. Unless you use something to either blur or fill up your pores, your makeup will never look its best. Use a primer that blurs pores or one that fills them in so that your makeup won’t sink in to them and just glide beautifully on to your skin. This is especially important if you want to get that airbrushed finish.

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  • Dryness – dryness is actually pretty easy to deal with yet some women still experience it because they take that one step in combating it for granted: moisturization. If you have normal to dry skin, using a moisturizer after baths is sure to solve your beauty woe. If you have extreme dryness, though, you may have to look into your diet and make sure you hydrate yourself regularly by drinking plenty of fluids.

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