Dressing Professionally For Work

One of the best times in your life is finding a job that actually has meaning.
Jumping right out of college into a full-time position can be a shock to some, especially in the wardrobe department.
We’re taking out the ripped jeans and off-the-shoulder tees and trading them in for dress slacks and button downs.
Today I am going to give you some tips on dressing for the professional environment and how to pair some pieces together and keep your style in tact while still meeting the requirements.
1 dream job- Dressing Professionally For Work
How I Dress For Work
I’ll start off by telling you a little bit about my dress code at work.
I work for DeVry University, which is a nation-wide college. I am frequently meeting with deans, management and other faculty members. Not only am I responsible for taking care of my students, but I am responsible for presenting myself in a respectful way to my co-workers.
You’ll find that most full-time jobs, unless you’re in some sort of retail management or extremely lucky, won’t allow jeans, tank tops, spaghetti straps, etc.
Personally, my work does not allow jeans (only on Fridays are we allowed to wear jeans) and they do not allow spaghetti straps, graphic tees, or anything with cutouts.
How can I take my favorite tanks and transition them into my work wardrobe?
2 Dressing Professionally For Work
Wearing a tank top won’t be a problem if you have this essential piece: A BLACK BLAZER.
A basic black blazer is your best friend when compiling your wardrobe for work.
You can pair it with virtually anything and it instantly dresses up your look.
In this look, I paired a white tank top with black lace detailing with a black fitted blazer.
To keep the look sleek and professional, I paired the top with a pair of black slim-fitting slacks. Because the shirt tends to be more flowy, pairing it with a pair of “skinny” pants will create balance.
To keep it work appropriate, I paired the whole outfit with a pair of simple black kitten heels. Another “work wardrobe don’t” is super high heels that are flashy. We all love our Friday night out shoes, but keep it clean for the work place!
I absolutely love animal print AND high heels, how do I make the two fit for the work place?
3 how i dress for work
It’s not impossible to integrate higher heels and animal print into the wardrobe. Animal print is HUGE right now and probably will be for awhile. Sometimes animal print can be a little too casual or over-bearing for the work environment, just like extremely high heels.
To integrate these two into your wardrobe, leave your outfit pretty neutral and add a pop of animal print like I did above.
I paired a simple black pencil skirt with a white button down. The white button down just happens to have a little animal print detailing on the collar, making it a little more trendy, but still safe to wear.
To integrate your favorite pair of high heels, I paired the outfit with a simple black pair of heels. The heels are high, but because they are a staple black leather, they work well for the work environment.
To finish off the whole look, I paired it with a simple black handbag with some gold detailing.
 I’m not much of a skirt and dress person. How do you dress comfortable while still looking put together?
4 my outfit for work
 Everyone has their days where they are not into wearing the heels and the pencil skirt.
It isn’t necessary to dress that way each and every day. Comfort can be a part of your wardrobe, don’t worry!
In the outfit above I paired a simple white sweater with a pair of tan slacks. The sweater is a clean scoop neck, so you’re not running into any dress code violations there, and the pants are so neutral that you can pair them with anything.
For shoes, I paired a simple pair of nude flats which will add comfort to the outfit, and give you a break from your heels.
To finish off the look, I paired it with a leopard print scarf and a slouchy brown leather hand bag. Adding a scarf is always a sure fire way to spice up an outfit. Accessorizing is key when you are dressing for comfort. You may not have a lot of detailing in your top or your shoes, so give a little extra attention to your jewelry or other accessories. Pair a fun handbag with a plain outfit, or a fun scarf like I did here. The two pair nicely with the outfit to give it a more put-together feel.
I hope that this helps all of you out there who are going into the work place, or who just need to spice up your wardrobe a bit with some new ideas.
If you would be interested in seeing some outfit of the day’s for when I’m at work, let me know!

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