Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Wardrobe Crisis

Women have crises with their wardrobes all the time. Whether you have a closet full of clothes or you have a closet dilemma on what to keep and purge, keep on reading for the dos and don’ts that will help you handle your next wardrobe crisis.

Don’t assume you need more clothes or a bigger closet.

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If you usually react to a wardrobe crisis with a quick trip to the mall, you might realize that you’re not wearing all the clothes you did have. You may not even keep your small closet in order. Remember, “more” and “bigger” might not solve the problem. So, stick to basics and make every piece of your ensemble versatile so you man mix and match them with your other clothes that create more outfits in lesser pieces.

Do recognize that closet chaos is usually a symptom of an underlying problem.

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If you’re having a wardrobe crisis, it might stem from a problem with what you believe about your possessions, what you believe about your rights, and what you believe about yourself. A wardrobe crisis is actually an opportunity for personal growth. If you value your possessions, you’d be a lot more careful about your clothing purchases. This way, you don’t need 20 pairs of jeans or you wouldn’t leave the skirt wrinkled in a pile at the back of the closet. Also, you may excuse that you’re too tired, too busy, and had more important things to do to keep your closet organized. Most of all, a woman’s wardrobe often speaks volumes about her self-image. Are you overly concerned about the way you look? Or do you neglect your appearance? What does your choice of clothing and attitude toward clothing indicate about the way you feel about yourself?

Do take steps towards resolving the closet chaos.

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Take steps to resolve the chaos in your wardrobe. You may start by reducing items by going through all your items of clothing. If you haven’t worn something for more than a year, or if it doesn’t fit, toss it or donate it. Also, think of restoring well-fitting clothes that you still love to wear by taking it to a tailor. Reorganize by investing in storage solutions that will help you get more organized. Also, think of some practical ways to avoid hitting a wardrobe crisis. Maybe you need to select your outfit for the next day or maybe you need to do a load of laundry each morning and not let it accumulate.

Remember, approaching a wardrobe crisis in this way won’t guarantee that you’ll never have another one. But it will help you understand and start to address the real issues behind your closet chaos.

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