DIY Jewelry Organizers

How to Be Creative With DIY Jewelry Organizers

You can’t just leave those precious bling lying around. Asa woman, it’s better to be organized than to get messy all the time. Or, if you can’t tidy up that much, maybe you can make finding¬† those gorgeous pair of earrings or that necklace by having a DIY jewelry organizer. You don’t even have to spend that much for it since you can create one yourself.

All you have to do is find something unique that can be used as a jewelry organizer. It should be able to hold accessories securely. Here are some examples of DIY jewelry organizers that could inspire you to make your own:

1. Framed Styles. These are great for earrings, necklaces and almost any type of accessory. You only have to add a pin or nail where you can hang the accessories. Of course, these should be placed above reach of children to avoid choking hazards.


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2. Creative Finds. What are the most bizzare things you could use for a jewelry holder? To make things look better, we usually have to choose the most unique and presentable. Search everywhere and who knows, you just might find an extraordinary container or organizer for your stuff.









3.¬† Recycled Boxes. it doesn’t matter what kind of box it is, or what it is made of. Wood, steel, or cardboard, it can be re-used as jewelry organizer. You can add more color or decoration if the box looks too plain. Paint, wrapping paper, or any material can be added on to the container.


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4. Rounded Containers. If you can’t hang them, put them in a cup or bowl where they’re safe enough and you can guarantee they wouldn’t slip like those on necklace trees or hangers. However, these are the ones you’d need to keep in drawers or place on to something secure and never on the edge of a surface.

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5. Jewelry Trees. Most women prefer organizers that just let you slip in our hang something on. it’s less of a stress than to actually place accessories in particular spaces like drawers and slots. Make sure it’s a sturdy tree if you opt to have one. And make it bonsai size for a cute appeal.

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