DIY: How To Make A Flower Crown

Nymphs, fairies, muses, hippies- rejoice! The pièce de résistance to your beautiful, ethereal outfit is here, so look no further! The flower crown has never ceased to encapsulate vibrancy, femininity, beauty, and a sense of quirk. From Coachella to the runway, the flower crown is everywhere, and it’s just too pretty to save for just music festivals or Halloween. This incredibly easy peasey lemon squeezey DIY tutorial is going to teach you how to make a flower crown in just 3 steps!

how to do a flower crown

To make your flower crown, you’re going to need:

flowercrown materials

1.) Floral Wire, 2.) Twine (optional), 3.) Scissors, 4.) Flowers! (Real or Faux), 5.) Greenery (e.g. leaves, vines), 6.) Heavy Duty Glue or 7.) Needle and Thread, 8.) Floral tape

Step 1: Take your flower wire, and making a loose circle, place it on top of your head for good measure


Taking your craft or floral wire, begin twisting a good length of it. Form a loose circle and place on top of your head for good measure, adjusting and cutting off excess wire as you go. Once you’re happy with the fit (flower crowns aren’t meant to be snug around your head, but shouldn’t fall off too easily either), twist the crown close by overlapping and intertwining until secure. Don’t worry about the bumps and little knots, the rougher and more natural the flower crown looks, the more beautiful it is. The floral tape and flowers will mask any mistakes you might have made along the way.

2. Wrap the base around with floral tape, and begin adding greenery.

flowercrown step by step

If you’re happy with how the crown looks already, you can opt to go sans floral tape, but adding this to your crown will provide a smoother canvas for you to attach your greenery. You can either wrap around, super glue, or sew on your leaves and vines until it’s nicely strewn around the whole crown. Add as much as you please. These will serve as a beautiful accent for the show stopper- your flowers!

3. Flower power!


It’s time for the part everyone’s been itching to do- the flowers! Don’t you just love them? Big, small, we’ll have ’em any which way baby. Take your flowers, making sure that you keep a little bit of the base of the bud and the stem together, so it’s easier for you to attach them to your crown. When dealing with real flowers, it’s best to use super glue, as the flower is too delicate for the needle work, and twisting the flowers on with the wire might risk crumpling the flowers and losing those valuable petals, and we wouldn’t want that. Faux flowers are fine, and you can either use your floral wire again, or use your needle and thread to do the job for you.

flower crown

For a much more delicate twist on things (if flower crowns could get any more delicate), instead of having a full circle of wire for the crown, you can opt to have strips of ribbon attached to the ends, that way you can adjust the crown a little better by securing it onto your head with a cute little bow, a seen above. These beautiful little gems come in all shapes, colors, and textures! From big and bold statements pieces, to tiny, intricate pieces. There’s a flower crown for everyone, even our favorite celebrities!

Here’s Vanessa looking stunning with her dazzling daisy flower crown:

beautiful flower crown

Elle Fanning looks absolutely stunning in her statement piece of beautiful pale flowers for the premiere of Maleficent:

gorgeous flowercrown tutorial

Queens have a flare for the bold and extravagant, just look at Beyonce rock her crown of regal white roses:

step by step flowercrown

A gorgeous treat that’s cost effective AND won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to create. Now that’s magic.

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