DIY Fringe Necklaces to Make Now

Fringe is always a good thing to have during the summer season but if you think that wearing it on your clothes is a little bit too much for your style, why not wear it another way? One of my personal favorite ways to wear fringe is on accessories. Fringe shoes are great for adding just the right hint of Boho vibes to any look while a fringe purse can add that casual, relaxed feel to your outfit and a fringe necklace is the perfect statement accessory to wear if you want something dramatic and chic. Speaking of fringe necklace, check out these DIY fringe necklaces you can make right now.

  • BRAIDED T-SHIRT FRINGE NECKLACE – DIYing your own fringe necklace is a great way to save money while staying stylish. And what’s a better way to save money than to create something out of nothing. Or, at least, nothing new, that is. Take an old shirt and cut it into strips then braid the strips into a fringe necklace. Sounds easy, right? Here’s are the more detailed instructions for this fab DIY.

braided fringe necklace for summer

braided fringe necklace

  • BEAD FRINGE NECKLACE – do a unique take on the fringe necklace by DIYing one using beads. Remember how you used to make all sorts of shapes and forms with bead for your bracelets back in grade school? Well, making fringes using beads is a whole lot easier. What’s great about using beads for a fringe necklace is that you can use different bead shapes and sizes for a more interesting look. You can even substitute using strings with chains for a more sophisticated look.

beads fringe necklace beads and tassels fringe necklace

  • CHAIN FRINGE NECKLACE – speaking of chains, how about a chain fringe necklace? It’s a great DIY to make if you want to give the ol’ fringe an edgier twist. It’s also perfect for those who love the movement and drama you get from adding fringe to your look but find the usual fringe too casual and laidback. You can wear your chain fringe necklace with leather pieces to complete that kickass sexy bad girl look. Here’s one that you might want to do.

chain fringe necklace chain fringe easy diy chain fringe diy necklace

  • GLAM FRINGE NECKLACE – fringe has always been perfect for relaxed looks but what if relaxed isn’t your style at all? Glam girls don’t often go for fringe because it’s too simple and too casual but there is a way to go glam with a fringe necklace and, what’s even better is that you can DIY it. Add ‘fancy’ stuff like leather or gems and rhinestones to whatever kind of fringe necklace you will DIY to give it instant glam stats.

glam fringe necklace with gold bar glam fringe necklace glam leather and rhinestones fringe necklace

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