DIY Fashion Hacks – Straight from the Runways! Part II

Yes, I’m not yet done with runway-inspired DIY fashion hacks. Look like a street star simply by following these trendy tips.

Be Stylish in a Sash

Belts are good fashion accessories, but if you want a fresher look, try a sash. This is one of the many DIY fashion hacks that you’ll spot on numerous runways.

dress with white sash

How to do it: Whether you are styling pants or a nifty dress, replace the traditional belt with slash. Wrap it around your hip or waist and tie it on one side.

black skirt with sash

Mix Patterns

Traditional fashion dictates that you wear something printed with something plain. But if you are looking for unique DIY fashion hacks, then what you need to do is wear a fun dress with even quirkier tights.

printed dress and printed tights

How to do it: The title speaks for itself. Give your printed dress a new lease in life by wearing it with a cute pair of tights. printed dress and tights

Top your Crop Top

A crop top is one of the hottest fashion items of today. However, you can diversify this piece by heeding my runway-inspired DIY fashion hack.

crop top and tank top

How to do it: While crop tops look good alone, you can make it even hotter by wearing a tank or sports bra underneath (or over it, whatever style you like.)

crop top and bra


Layer with Collars

Collars provide formality to any outfit. Further up the ante with our DIY fashion hacks, such as ‘layer with collars’.

button down top and plaid blazer

How to do it: As the name implies, wear a collared top with another collared piece. Avoid polo shirts though, and make sure to pick contrasting colors and designs.

collared top with collared jacket

Borrow your BF’s Shorts

Incorporating Menswear is one of the most popular DIY fashion hacks of today. Apart from his tuxedo and denim pants, another thing you should borrow is his shorts.

white long shorts

How to do it: Since spring and summer are fast approaching, make sure to plan your outfit around your boyfriend’s shorts. The bright colors and patterns of men’s board shorts will make it a fun, focal point for your outfit.

long shorts outfit


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