DIY Fashion Hacks – Straight from the Runways! Part I 

Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t need expensive clothes to look chic and stylish. With these DIY fashion hacks (straight from the runway, of course,) you can look posh – without spending too much money.

Note: Get your closet ready for these DIY fashion hacks as this is only part I!

Wrap and Tuck it

If there’s a roomy button-down lying around your closet somewhere, know that you can invent it with the many DIY fashion hacks out there. One of the most popular styles is the wrap and tuck.

sienna miller wrap and tuck

How to do it: Wear a button-down shirt, take one end and wrap it around your body. Tuck it in your pants or skirt to achieve a runway-worthy style.

white button down wrap and tuck fashion

Make your Cocktail Dress a Casual One

There are many DIY fashion hacks that involve cocktail dresses, but you’ll surely treasure this one.

white top and black dress

How to do it: Wear your sparkly cocktail dress underneath a button-down shirt. Yes, button-down shirts are game-changers, so be sure to own several pieces!

white top and brown dress white button down and black dress

Vivify your Vest

A vest is a good piece of outerwear, but you can actually wear it on its own. This is one of the DIY fashion hacks that high-fashion designers employ.

black belted vest

How to do it: Wear an oversized vest and cinch it with a belt or a stylish string.  Talk about insta-glam!

brown vest with belt belted vest

Skirt over Dress

If a dress is too simple for you, you can glam up your look with the skirt over dress DIY fashion hack.

mini skirt over dress

How to do it: Wear a dress (a long one, for best results) and don a skirt on top of it. Pick contrasting lengths so that the ends of the dress can flounce with you as you walk.

skirt over black dress skirt over floral dress

Sashay in a Scarf

Spring is fast approaching, so you need to know many DIY fashion hacks, such as the sophisticated scarf trick.

scarf around neck

How to do it: Emulate the fashionable Audrey Hepburn by wrapping a lightweight scarf around your neck. Stay away from cashmere and other thick materials as they are best reserved for winter!

scarf and lace dress green scarf

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