DIY-able Coachella Accessories You Have to Make

Coachella is fast approaching and aside from the music, another thing that festival goers take seriously is their fashion. No one goes to Coachella looking drab. Everyone who goes plans their outfits months before and if you’re going, I’m sure you already have at least 50% of your looks planned. Unless the Boho / hippie look is actually your personal style, I’m pretty sure you’re buying lots of new stuff for your Coachella outfit and if you’re already over-budget, don’t worry because we have your finishing touches (read: accessories) covered. Here are some DIY-able Coachella accessories you have to make.

  • EMBELLISHED SUNGLASSES – sunnies are a must whenever you go out, Coachella or not. Because we’re talking festival fashion here, though, just plain sunnies won’t do. Give an old pair of sunglasses a cool new look by embellishing them with cute little knickknacks. This DIY project allows you to get really creative so don’t hold back!

embellished sunglasses

embellished sunnies outfit

  • FRINGE BAG – festival fashion is all about going Boho what’s a better way to go Boho than to add fringe to your look? A fringe bag would be a really cool addition to any look so why not make your own? Here’s a super easy to follow video tutorial that might help you out. And it doesn’t require sewing, too!

fringe bag outfitfringe bag diy fringe bag look

  • LACE UP SANDALS – love the look of lace up sandals but hate the hefty price tags on them? Why buy new when you can make them with old pairs of shoes you barely use? This is a much more practical way to get in on the trend and be stylish at Coachella. Here’s a video on how you can make them with ankle boots but you can tweak it just a little to do flats, too.

lace up heels lace up shoes

  • FLOWER CROWNS – no Coachella outfit is complete without a flower crown and while they’re not very expensive to begin with, doing one on your own will still save you a bit more cash. There are lots of tutorials all over the internet on how to make these and they’re quite simple, really. Check out the step by step visuals below and feel free to tweak it until you get your desired results.

flower crown diy flower crown look

  • BODY CHAINS – if you’re planning on doing a sexier take on the Boho look for Coachella this year, a few couple of body chains might just be what you need. These can be really expensive when you buy them at the malls but hit up the craft store and you’ll see how inexpensive they really are. With just some craft supplies and your creativity and imagination, you can create your own body chains to wear to Coachella. Here is a tutorial to start you off.

body chain coachella look body chain

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