Different Ways to Wear a Peplum Top

A peplum top is one of the things you need to invest on, largely because it flaunts your feminine figure. Not to mention, it can hide a post-binge belly as well. Capitalize on this timeless essential with these different ways to wear a peplum top.

Pair it with a Pencil Skirt

Because of the peplum’s flared end, it is best worn with a snug-fitting bottom, such as a pencil skirt. Accentuate your waist more by adding a thin belt.

peplum with pencil skirt

peplum and pencil skirt

Fix it with a Flared Skirt

If you feel ultra girly, why not wear your peplum top with a flared skirt? It can create a magical look that will make you want to twirl and spin.

peplum and flared skirt peplum with flared skirt

Be a Maven in a Maxi Skirt

Provide total leg coverage by pairing your peplum top with a maxi skirt. This look is truly sophisticated, making it worthy for galas and formal parties.

peplum with maxi skirt peplum and maxi skirt

Don it with a Dress

Create more warmth without the added bulk by wearing your peplum top over your favorite dress. a streamlined outfit such as a bodycon dress is recommended for a sexy style.

peplum top with dress peplum top over white dress

Be Sexy in Skinny Jeans

Create a chic yet casual look by donning your peplum top with your favorite skinny jeans. The widened ends of your top can provide the volume that can balance out your sexy skinnies.

peplum top with white skinnies peplum with black skinnies

Be Leggy in Leggings

Just like the skinny jeans, leggings are sexy bottoms that look well with a peplum top. This pairing can create a sexy hourglass figure, given the cinched waist and tight leg fit.

peplum top with leggings peplum and leggings

Wear it Wide-Legged Pants

For work or for a formal party, make sure to wear your peplum top with wide-legged pants. This will create a bold look – tight at the waist and flared at the bottom.

peplum with wide leg pants peplum top with wide leg pants

Layer it with a Long-Sleeved Top

If you have a short-sleeved or sleeveless peplum top, you can still wear it this winter simply by layering it over your long-sleeved top. It’s best if you work with two contrasting colors, to make the peplum’s sexy style pop out.

peplum under top

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