Denim Trends Spring 2015

Denim, hands down, is a fashion favorite. A perfect piece for all seasons, this classical item has been the darling in many spring collections. Brace yourself for a ‘blue’ season with these denim trends spring 2015.

Printed Denim Shirt

Denim is truly stylish by itself. But if you want to wear beautiful denim trends spring 2015, then furnish your spring wardrobe with a printed denim shirt. Keep the focus on your glitzy shirt by pairing it with a plain yet chic bottom.

printed denim top

printed denim jacket

Denim Crop Top

The crop top trend is something that won’t slow out soon. Merge the best of both fashion worlds by strutting in a denim crop top.

short sleeved crop top denim crop top

Embellished Denims

It goes without saying that the simpler, the better. But if you want to embrace the lovely denim trends spring 2015, then make sure to invest in a cute pair of embellished denims. They’re fun to wear, especially if you’re wearing a simple top.

embellished denim jeans embellished jeans

Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are making a comeback! You can expect these denim trends spring 2015 to take the world (yet again) by storm. Like the denim dress, the jean skirt can be worn to dressier events and locations, as long as it is worn with a sophisticated top. Take Poppy Delevingne’s case, for example.

pencil denim skirt a-line denim skirt

Denim Dress

If you are looking for risque denim trends spring 2015, then go for a jean dress. With the right style and cut, you can wear this ‘casual’ dress in the office.

belted denim dress aztec denim dress

Denim Overalls

Although denim overalls are reminiscent of the farm, you can update this outfit with a few tweaks and touches. Such denim trends spring 2015 are hard to pull off, but you can accomplish this impossible feat by keeping your attire simple. Just live Olivia Palermo, you can rock overalls with a simple top and cute shoes.

denim overalls tattered overalls

Denim Footwear

Channeling the spring denim trend does not necessarily mean that you have to don a jean outfit. You can get the fresh look simply by wearing denim footwear. Look chic and casual by wearing denim flats. Want to look taller and classier? Then pick a chic pair of denim heels.

denim flats

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