Denim Summer Staples to Shop for Now

Now that summer has officially begun, it’s time to really get serious with planning and creating your summer wardrobe. If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t miss in your summer wardrobe, it’s your denim pieces. We all know denim is the ultimate summer fabric. It’s perfect for just about any summertime look. Here are some denim summer staples to shop for now.

  • DENIM SHORTS – whether you’re wearing them with your favorite tee, a crop top, a tank top or over your bikini, you just know that your summer is not complete without at least one pair of denim shorts. It doesn’t matter if they’re classics, cut-offs or even Bermuda shorts, as long as you have them in denims, you should cruise through summer well.

shorts and striped tee with hat

shorts and black tee

  • SKINNY JEANS – skinny jeans are a must whether it’s summer or not. These are great if you’re looking for go-to bottoms that you can wear with anything for a quick outfit. They’re also universally flattering so you don’t have to worry about not looking great in them.

skinny jeans and white tee skinny jeans distressed style with summer kimono

  • OVERALLS – overalls are back from the 90s and fashionistas around the world just couldn’t be any happier. These are great if you want to add just a tad bit of that utilitarian vibe to your look or if you want something fun and a little more unique for a summer outfit. Give it a grown up, modern twist by wearing it with something rather unconventional like an off shoulder top or even a crop top for just a hint of sexy.

denim overalls and sleeveless button up denim overalss outfit

  • DRESS – sundresses, maxi dresses – these are just some of the ones that you probably already have in your summer to-buy list for your wardrobe but have you ever thought about picking up a denim dress? Denim dresses make great daytime summer outfits if you want something quick but stylish. You can wear them on their own or with tights or leggings if you prefer a little bit more coverage.

chic denim dress and red bag chic baby doll dress in denim

  • SKIRT – feel like doing a little throwback to the nineties? Aside from overalls, another denim piece that could help you achieve the look that you should add to your summer wardrobe is a denim skirt. Denim skirts are perfect if you want a look that’s girly but not too dressy.

skirt with buttons maxi length skirt and tee outfit with lace ups

  • JACKET – a denim jacket is a must in the summer. It’s light so it’s perfect and won’t leave you sweating bullets and it’s perfect for chilly summer nights. Wear it over a dress for an easy, laidback look or with crisp white shorts for a classic summer ensemble.

jacket and white mini dress jacket with rolled up sleeves

  • VEST – if you live somewhere really hot and humid, though, a denim jacket may not seem too ideal. Don’t worry, you can always opt for it’s sleeveless counterpart, the denim vest, instead. You can wear a denim vest over just about any summer look so it’s a great piece to add to your summer wardrobe, for sure.

vest and liquid leggings vest and chevron romper


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