Denim Style Inspiration from Annabel Rosendahl

Basic and cool, denim pieces are the most casual staples you may go for when you’re aiming for effortless and comfy looks. Norway-based style blogger, Annabel Rosendahl is known for her effortlessly cool looks featuring denim mixed with creative ensembles. If you’re tired of wearing your denim jeans and tees, and your high-waist shorts with crop tops, keep on reading to scoop some fashion inspiration from her to refresh your denim pieces.

Denim Jeans

bohemian top with jeans

striped shirt with jeans printed blouse with jeans floral print blouse with jeans cuffed jeans with printed blazer and tank top embroidered blazer with jeans

If you used to wear your denim jeans with graphic tees, well it’s time to add some chic to your street looks. Like Annabel, think of your vintage blouses or Victorian tops that might look retro when worn with other bottoms, as jeans will surely make them fit into or modern times. Since your jeans are typically plain, probably with some rips and tears, wear something eye-catching on your top just like a printed blouse, striped shirt, bohemian top, embroidered blazer and such that will make your outfit a bit interesting and fresh.

Frayed Denim Shorts

frayed denim shorts with chic top frayed denim shorts with striped off shoulder top

One of the sexiest ways to show some skin, frayed denim shorts are often the first choice of gypsy and hippie girls that you may also go for to create a casual-chic look. Like Annabel, team your frayed bottom with an off-shoulder top or a sexy halter top that will add some flair to your classic style.

Denim Jumpsuit and Overalls

denim jumpsuit with slip on sandals overalls with striped shirt denim overalls with nude sweater

If you think denim overalls only go perfectly with fitted tops and plain tees, you’re wrong as Annabel creatively made her street style a bit unique by treating her denim overalls as a pair of jeans that can be worn with a striped button-down shirt.

Denim Skirt

burgundy top with button front skirt white tee with button down skirt denim skirt with striped tee denim skirt with shirt

A denim skirt, especially with button-front style, screams 70s, so update the look by teaming it with modern pieces. Like Annabel, think of button-down shirts that you normally wear to work, or a striped tee that you often wear in the ballpark that can update your denim piece instantly. Also, wear some modern accessories like a printed back pack, or a pair of structured sandals that will complete your street looks.

Denim Shirtdress

denim dress with chic bag and sneakers

Usually worn with sneakers with a plaid shirt on your waist, a denim shirtdress can also be dressed up with a leather belt and a structured bag like Annabel did, making her denim piece a bit chic and modern.

Embroidered and Embellished Denim

embroidered skirt with navy top embroidered jeans with structured top embellished shorts with victorian blouse billowy top with embellished shorts

Denim pieces with embellishments and embroideries make a catchy statement over plain ones. So, let them steal the show by teaming them with plain and more muted pieces like a white top or even a matching blouse that will look perfectly with your statement piece. Like Annabel, always add some tweaks to your street style so you’ll always end up to looking effortlessly cool with a great sense of style.

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