Denim Looks for Spring 

Denim is good for all seasons, although it is particularly good for springtime. That’s because this season is the best time to wear not only pants – but dresses and skirts as well. Hike up your style – and be worthy of paparazzi pictures – with these superb denim looks for spring.

Go Back in Time

The 70’s is known for its denim dresses and skirts designed with brass buttons.  Truly classic, these denim looks for spring can make you look stylish and sophisticated.

Buttoned denim dresses are great for casual dates and day-outs with friends. Wear it with stockings and boots for a special look ala Alexa Chung.

alexa chung denim dress

Denim skirts, on the other hand, are perfect for a laidback look for work. Wear it with a turtleneck and a camel coat to make a statement during office wash days.

button front skirt

Be Like Your Mom

Mom jeans are the perfect denim looks for spring. They accentuate your waist and redefine your legs. While they might be deemed tacky before, they are the best jeans for this season.

crop top and mom jeans

Because of its versatility, it will definitely look good with most tops. A crop top, simple top or a comfy sweater are just some of the tops you can wear effortlessly with your mom jeans. Another good idea is a crisp white button down shirt, as worn by model Candice Swanpoel.

candice swanpoel mom jeans

Have a Flare for Fashion

Flared jeans are reminiscent of the 70’s. With its retro vibe, it is categorized as one of the best denim looks for spring. Because of its wide ends, these jeans are best worn with fitted, form-hugging tops for an appropriate fashion balance.

striped top and flared pants camel coat and flared jeans

Show Your Ankles

Cropped jeans – also known as ankle grazers – make for stylish denim looks for spring. With its perfect length, you do not have to worry about stepping on the ends of your jeans.

cropped jeans

If you want to show your ankles alongside your toned body, then wear this pant with a cropped top. But if you are gunning for a formal look, then make it a point to wear a cashmere sweater or a top-and-blazer combo.

pink top and cropped pants

Opt for Ultimate Destruction

With most denim looks for spring geared towards a sophisticated, girly-girl style, it would not hurt if you invest in a pair of distressed jeans. After all, these tattered and torn pants make for a good informal attire. While it looks exquisite in a statement top, you can balance the casual look with a dressy top (say a sheer blouse or a button-down polo.)

white top and distressed jeans blazer and boyfriend jeans

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