Denim Fit and Guide for Inverted Triangle

Denim jeans remain a fashion staple as the right pair will make you look and feel lean. However, knowing your body and how to find the right pair of jeans for you will make the difference between wearing your jeans and rocking your jeans. If you have an inverted triangle shape that features broad shoulders and smaller hips, keep on reading for our guide.

When you’re deciding which jeans are right for you, you need to know what your goals are.


skinny-jeans-with-chic-striped-blazer loose-top-with-cuffed-jeans-and-sneakers

Depending on your goals, you’ll adjust in denim style and fit for you whether you wish to look trendy or more flattering. For inverted triangle body types, the goals are usually to add volume around the hips and rear end, minimize the shoulders, and define the waist. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may go for a boyfriend style that will look more proportional with an off shoulder top. Once you know what you’re asking of your jeans, you have to know what characteristics will help you get there.

When you’re in the dressing room trying on a pair of jeans, the first thing to look for is the fit.

crop-jeans-with-metallic-silver-blazer-and-loafers flared-jeans-with-sailor-cap-and-blazer skinny-jeans-with-sexy-tank-top

A relaxed fit that’s not baggy is flattering for most women as it’s more comfortable than other fits. You should make sure that the jeans fit you just right in the areas where you’re largest because you can always have the other areas taken in. Though some women tend to hide their shapes on baggy jeans making the most of your natural assets work best. If you wish to accentuate those petite hips and slender legs, go for skinny jeans that also add definition to your waist and create a fuller look for your rear end. Also, the cut of the jeans is very important for showing off your shape. Like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, you may go for jeans that are mildly tapered to the knee and then have a slight flare at the bottom can give you more of an hourglass shape.

The features like pockets, embellishments, or wash, can make your jeans an asset or a liability to your wardrobe.

patchwork-jeans-with-chic-blouse ripped-skinny-jeans-with-quirky-teedistressed-boyfriend-jeans-with-striped-blazer

Watch for things that may not be flattering for an inverted triangle body type. Jeans with no pockets or large rear pockets will make your rear look less shapely. This time, pockets are one tool in your beauty arsenal. Medium-sized patch pockets that are placed on the largest part of the derriere will create more fullness, while side pockets can help accentuate your hips. Also, dark, solid-colored jeans will make your hips look smaller, and standard, while a lighter wash down the center of the front and back of the thigh will add fullness to slim legs. However, jeans with really small waistbands are not flattering for inverted triangles, either.

Make that trip to the dressing room when buying a brand or style of jeans you haven’t had before.

winter-coat-with-skinny-jeans skinny-jeans-with-sweater sailor-blazer-with-skinny-jeans

Don’t be afraid to try on as many pairs as you need to before you find the right one. Once you’ve found a brand and style of jeans that’s right for you, you can have the convenience of checking them online for bargains. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of jeans for your inverted triangle body type and a confident strut will just come naturally.

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