Day to Night Outfit Ideas

News flash: Office wears do not necessarily have to be boring. Why dress up in simple, plain Jane clothes when you can look like a diva at the office? Establish your fashion supremacy with these trendy day to night outfit ideas.

It’s in the Pants

Trousers or pants are perfect work attires, but the usual colors and cuts can be too boring for words. If you want to be the talk of the town, then work your way in printed pants. Not only can it add color to your daily attires, it can make for a good base piece for your day to night outfit ideas.

printed pants outft

nicole ritchie printed pants

To transcend your look from office chic to party princess, ditch your usual blazer for a cool, moto jacket. The usual black pumps will still work, though it would not hurt if you trade it for sleek sexy heels or an edgy pair of ankle boots.

white moto jacket and floral pants

Nothing beats the LBD

The LBD, also known as the Little Black Dress, is one of the most iconic pieces there is. While it works with casual dressing, it is also perfect for work outfits.

black dress with white pearls
Although the LBD is very simple and pure, you can make it the center piece of your day to night outfit ideas. Sometimes, it is just as simple as favoring a colorful statement necklace over your elegant pearl necklaces. If you want, you can wear a colorful scarf instead.

black dress and pink pumps

Apart from your accessories, a new pair of shoes can also redefine your look. Trade your usual black pumps for a vibrant set of heels or a rustic pair of knee-length boots.

black dress with boots

Show your Shape in a Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is one of the most flattering pieces for office wear. Although it can be boring to look at, you can redefine it for your day to night outfit ideas. A simple example: wear it with a unique blouse or a crop top for a look that says unique yet sophisticated.

striped blazer and pencil skirt black top and camel skirt

Step it up in Silk

A silk blouse is a welcome change from the world of white button-down tops and what not. This lovely, delicate top is the perfect office blouse, but do you know that you can use it for your day to night outfit ideas as well? In fact, it goes well with printed pants – as the two pieces create a look that’s fresh yet feminine.

white silk blouse and printed pants

If it’s not cold outside, the perfect pairing for this conservative top is a grungy pair of ripped shorts. The balance between the outfits creates a look that can behold the eye of any guy in the bar.

white silk blouse and shorts

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